Zagat Names Burger Joint Best Midtown Lunch

The 2008 Zagat guide arrived in stores this week, and once again the Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien Hotel has received the highest score of any Midtown Lunch that appears in the guide (a 24).  Ess a Bagel, who I wrote about this week, was a close runner up with a 23.  If you expand the Midtown Lunch boundaries a little bit, the Azuri Cafe (on 51st btw. 9+10th), is actually the big winner, receiving a deserving 25 (up from 24 last year) for what I consider to be the best Falafel in the city.  Not much has changed since from what I wrote about the 2007 guide but there are a few things worth mentioning.

Best Korean, whose scores went up and down, and the most ridiculous Midtown Lunch quote in the book- after the jump…

Last year, I wrote that I was surprised Lenny’s wasn’t in the guide.  This year they appear with a 19.  Other new Midtown Lunch entries include Tuscan Square, which got a 16 (but more for the restaurant upstairs- not the Marketplace), and Yushi- which wins the “Best Quote” award. 

It’s too new to get a rating, but the Yushi blurb starts off this way:

Be prepared to wait in line…

I walked by Yushi on Wednesday during lunchtime rush and there was no line.  How does this place get mentioned (it’s too new to have garnered any reall number of votes) while FIKA, Oms/B, Bayan Cafe, Margon, Sapporo, & Men Kui Tei are still ignored.  It’s just not right.

In the “Down from Last Year” category, Kati Roll & AQ Cafe both drop from a 22 to a 20, ‘wichcraft goes from 21 to 20 and Burritoville drops one number to 16.  Mandoo Bar in Koreatown and Menchanko Tei both went up one point from 19 to 20. 

I was most pleased to see Spice Fusion (8th Ave. btw. 47+48th), my new favorite Inidan Buffet, get a mention in the guide, although they were too new to get a proper score.  Best Korean in Midtown goes to Gahm Mi Oak (32nd btw. B’way & 5th) with a 22.

And finally, ESPN Zone retains the top spot of Worst Restaurant in Midtown, repeating as last year’s winner with a lowly score of 12.  Keep at it guys.  It’s going to be tough to hold off The Hard Rock Cafe (13) and the Heartland Brewery (14)… but we know you can do it!


  • Mmm. I am fan of Azuri Cafe! I work on that side of Midtown so, I go there from time to time. Great Israeli fare.

  • I’ve said it before and I ain’t afeard to say it agin: ESPN Zone has excellent ribs.

    I haven’t been in more than a year, but I had the ribs I think 3 times, and they were uniformly tasty, meaty, lean, with a nice sauce.

  • All Resturant Guides are Bollocks.

    It’s totally Subjective. One will find totally wonderfully awesome restaurant, only to find some fat bastard critic knocks it because his(it’s always a he,women in Ny only do salads.) steak was cooked for a nanosecond too much.

    Perhaps if this bunch of freeloading tossers actually had to pay for a meal they’d understand.

  • Grrrrrrrrr.

  • seriously,

    any “guide” is for the tourists. besides, why get anything from a static guide that ages every day, when you can get all the goodies right here on MTL?

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