At Lunch Now: Summer is officially over

As if the cruddy weather hasn’t been enough of a reminder, it’s now
official. After a summer-long hiatus, the “Hot Soup” carts are back.
Bring on the cold.


  • Be bold and Hot Soup will come to your aid.

  • Hot soup and a buttered roll for *my* lunch to-day! The soup was homemade though…

  • What cart has the best soup?

  • Heinze Cart.On 57th


  • Interestingly enough, my soup guy here on 33rd and Park becomes a “juice guy” in the summer time. It’s brilliant. I have been waiting for him to convert back to Soup and today, while walking by, there it was…. the big hot Hot Soup sign. I wonder if they all decided that today was the day to start serving soup again.

  • Tell me the guy is back on 41st and Park? I’ve been waiting for that guy for months.

  • Interesting I didn’t realize they closed down for the summer – I felt bad for the soup guy in front of our building. I just assumed he went out of business!

  • Where are the best soup carts??? Okay preferably on the eastside, b/c lets face it.. as the weather gets colder and colder – I spend as little time as possible outside hunting for lunch.

  • Is it a big portion? How do you manage to feel satisfied with just a bowl of soup and a roll??

  • Ooh, my favorite quick go-to lunch last winter was the hot soup cart across the street from my office… though since I started getting Daily Soup’s soups at Devon & Blakely (gasp! A Midtown deli chain! I am a traitor, I know), I am not sure I can turn back…

  • “The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to. return soup at a deli!”
    - George Costanza

  • Where does the soup at these carts come from? The cart operators don’t actually make all these soups themselves, do they? I work closest to the one at 41st and Park, if anyone knows about that one in particular. Thanks

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