At Lunch Now: Rock Center Farmers Market is Back!

The Rock Center Farmer’s Market has returned, and will be open between
now and October 19th, every Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday from 8am to
6pm. The only difference is it is now between 50th & 51st just north of
the Rock Center Ice Rink (which has already replaced the Rink Bar). I
can’t believe it’s already October.


  • Irish Dieters have requested a low carb Holy sacrement.

    The Pope has agreed to give them special dispensation.

    The new low carb sacrement is to be called: ‘I cant Believe its not Jesus’.

  • weird, this farmers market banner is suspiciously similar to the farmers market banners appearing in stuyvesant town right now. is it possible that there is a corporate conglomerate behind these “farmers markets?” anyone know?

  • Greenmarkets in nyc are all part of the council of the environment. This is not a fake, corporate conglomerate pretend greenmarket situation. See their site:

  • is there any prepared food/dishes at the market?

  • Matt- there are pies, muffins, donuts, turnovers and quiches.

  • Real men dont do quiche.

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