At Lunch Now: Auf Wiedersehen Mandler’s Sausage Midtown

8th Ave., just below Port Authority has claimed another of my favorite Midtown Lunches.  First it was Ressie May’s Soul Food to Go back in June, now Mandler’s Sausage Co.  I passed by today, and confirmed that the Mandler’s Midtown Location is in fact closed and the phone has been disconnected.  Hopefully the Golden Krust opening soon next door will do a little better.  The Union Sq. Mandler’s is still open.  Anybody up for a Corn Fritter run on the NR Train tomorrow?

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  • RIP, Sausage Man. I didn’t even get to try their wares!

  • wait a minute…slow down! Did you say golden krust by the Port Authority!! Happy happy joy joy! When I used to work on the east side, I used to bring patties in all the time…love them!!
    Thanks for the lowdown!

  • Mandler’s was really good, though they were doing pretty crappy business down there. Not the best neighborhood for it…

  • we love Mandlers union square! Too bad PA area stinks for good grub. we’ll have to trek down to get the best sausage anywhere!

  • What a shame. The place was really nice! :(

  • God that neighborhood is such an effing dump.

  • The reason this place failed was because of its bad location. It was competing with Grey’s Papaya and other Papaya Dog, and it didn’t really stand a chance. I would have loved to have gone more often, but it was too far out of the way, at least a 10 minute walk from me. Not to mention, the area around PA is a pit.

    The place also failed because it served its meals strangely. I ordered a three sausage special once, and it came all pre-cut! I was like, wtf, I wanted a whole sausage.

  • Well, it doesn’t matter much to me because I don’t work/live near the PA, but I have to say I think the Mandler’s downtown is a snoozeroonie. About the only place I’ve had bland wurst. The only thing they have going for them is variety and size of portions, the sausages are distinctly lackluster. I’d rather wait for a special occasion and have them at a sitdown German or a quick bite at Hallo Berlin.

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