At Lunch Now: Five Guys Burgers Midtown A Few Weeks Away From Opening

Walked by what will soon be the Midtown location of D.C. chain Five Guys Famous Burgers & Fries today and found them in the process of hiring staff.  The guys in front of the 55th St. (btw. 5+6th) location said they were 2 weeks away from opening, but from the looks of the inside, I’d guess more like 4.  Regardless, we’re getting close and I’m getting excited.  

Check out the menu w/ prices, after the jump…

When it was first announced that Five Guys was coming to NYC, the saying “In N Out prices” was thrown around.  That is certainly not the case, as a cheeseburger and fries is going to run you $9.  A little pricey, but in line with what the rest of Midtown is charging for a decent burger these days.  The plus side is their standard burgers come with two patties.  A “little” burger, just means one patty.  Sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers as free topping options is certainly a bonus. 

If you can’t wait, there are already locations opened in Brooklyn Heights & Queens.  For more, check out A Hamburger Today’s coverage.


  • And how many blocks will the line go, on a regular basis?

    Is this quiet little DC chain going to be able to handle the madness of Midtown Burger lunchers?

    Their Brooklyn Heights area has performed more or less okay, but, well, this branch is opening just down the street from the Burger Joint (home of the hour long lunch wait!)

  • I would hit this spot once a week if it wasn’t so pricey. Eleven bones for cheesburg, fry and cola? Blarney Stone has that for under $8, although their burgers are not as good.
    Eveb still it’ll be nice to have 5 Guys in the neighborhood.

  • Also sighted– a Le Pain Quotidien is set to open on W 40th st. just east of 6th Ave.

  • Five guys burgers are huge cause their doubles, and the portion of fries they give you is at least double what you’re expecting. Its a good deal, believe me.

  • Had one in DC during a visit.

    They’re bloody good, and i can’t help smiling at bitching about £5 for(a very good) burger, fries and a drink.

    Vive la france!!!

  • Unless you’re eating it there, don’t pay for drinks. Also, the fries are meant to be split with at least one other person possibly 2 to three other people (even if you’re a fat guy).

  • I know it’s wrong, but the burgers at Johnny Rockets might be the best burger deal in Midtown. Just get it to go so you don’t have to put up with all that singing.

  • Tim, you can take your John Rocket and shove it up your milkshake!

  • I still think burger joint burgers are the best. hands down.

  • Johnny Rockets? Who can even go in there with all that stupid musical shit?

  • They just opened one of these around the block from me in Jersey this weekend. Been there twice already. I tell you, it’s something about the bun that makes it a really enjoyable burger.

    Not a fan of the fries however. Too raw or soggy for my taste. Each batch needs to be fried a couple more times.

  • Tried this during a stopover at a DC airport. I was not impressed at all. It seems like an even pricier Steak and Shake. For me a burger has to be medium rare, something cooked through and through is just awful. The double patty thing makes it somewhat of a good value but I also agree with what Jonathan said regarding their fries.

    For me my favorite burger joint in (mid)town is still Zip Burger

  • Been to both the Queens and Hackensack, NJ locations. Tasty burgers and love their fries!! Work right around the corner from this new location. I can feel my gut exapnding! Im sure lines will be crazy…just go early.

    And no doubt, the Burger Joint is still better, but who the hell goes there at lunch? I mean who has that much time.

  • mmmm…. i lived in dc for a few years and fell in love with 5 guys. i can’t wait to drown an order of their fresh cut fries in vinegar and ketchup!

  • it was the vinegar that made them for me too.

    brit thang.

  • my favorite midtown burger is the m&m burger at Rare…thou i would never go for lunch…only happy hour

  • Been to locations in Jersey and was not impressed. Especially with all the hype they have gotten.

  • I just went to a location in Virginia and got a dry and tasteless burger. I found out why it was dry…the guy making the burger was smashing the beef on the grill and removing all of the juices. What a waste! And what I got was a dry and well done burger. There are better places to get a good burger.

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