Best Gut Busting Midtown Lunches Before the Fast…


Tonight at Sundown begins Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement- and while I haven’t fasted since I moved out of my parents house 13 years ago, today actually represents my best chance at not eating for 24 hours. Why? Because if I actually chose to fast, this day is only going to last 19 hours (technically speaking). Tonight I’m hopping on a Red Eye to London, meaning I’m going to lose 5 hours in transition!

It’s tempting,  but I’m still not going to fast. What can I say? I’m a terrible jew.  Not eating also goes against everything this site stands for… or as some would call it, my true religion.  Plus, isn’t my guilt over eating on Yom Kippur enough to atone for my sins of the past year? That being said, here’s where I would eat lunch if I was going to fast:

  • International Food House Restaurant & Buffet (35th btw. 7+8th) - $8.95 gets you all you can eat pork (among other latin delights).  Wrote about it on Wednesday, just in time for the holidays!
  • Midtown Buffet (7th Ave. btw. 39+40th) – It’s not the best Chinese Buffet of all time, but it’s all that we cheap chinese food addicts  have got.
  • Al Baraka Turkish Buffet (55th btw. Lex+3rd) – It’s buffet day.  Don’t want Latin or Chinese?  Do it Turkish Style…
  • Any of the Indian Buffets – It’s the one buffet we’ve got plenty of.  Sukhadia, Curry Dream, or my new favorite Spice Fusion
  • Kosher Deluxe (46th btw. 5+6th) – It’s not all you can eat,  but the pickle bar is!  $9.75 gets you my favorite Chicken Schawarma Sandwich in Midtown (served on a giant piece of laffa).  Included in the price, a small plate to load up at their pickled veggie bar.  Don’t be shy.  It’s only hours before sundown… they’ll understand!

What’s your favorite gut busting lunch?  Post it as a comment below…


  • Minor correction- Midtown Buffet is actually between 40 and 41 (not 39 and 40).

  • I always find El Rincon de Sabor’s (47th btwn 5th and 6th)lunch specials overwhelming… they could feed three. Definitely the most food I’ve found in Midtown for $6.

  • Favorite gut busting meal is anything from Junior’s at Grand Central Terminal.

  • A shakestack from shakeshake x 2.

    Worth the hour wait.

    God save my Tourist soul.

  • Ooooo shakeshack in Mad Sq Park… I could go for a burger and shake right now

  • I don’t particularly care if you fast for Yom Kippur or not, but if you’re giving advice to those who do, is the “all you can eat pork” place really their best option?

  • Ah yes… the all you can eat pork irony was not lost on all!

  • Moses at the Red sea. BC whatever dan brown say it was:To Quote; ‘ Follow me guys, leave the shellfish, i’ll explain later’
    ‘So the Arabs get the oil and we have to cut WHAT off?’


  • no time today for a buffet lunch unfortunately, settling for chicken over rice and lamb pita for my pre-fast lunch. can’t wait for the lox+bagels platters tomorrow night.

  • Definitely Sukhadia’s to pig out. Or the bacon veggie burger with pepper jack cheese and nice portion of onion rings and waffle fries I just ate. Bacon + veggie burger = damn tasty.

  • The absolute best gut-busting lunch in midtown is the chicken shawarma with the heaping all-you-can-cram dish of relish is found at Mr. Broadway (38th & Broadway).

  • have an nice weekend everyone.

    enjoy the prices,Zach!!!

  • Happy Holidays! My favorite gut busting lunch is three yakimochi and three riceballs.

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