Give & Receive Lunchtime Inspiration from the M.L. Flickr Photo Group

I didn’t know where to eat lunch yesterday, and was inspired by this photo posted by flooznyc to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Group:

Although maybe “inspired” isn’t the right term for it.  “Tempted by my darkest addiction” is probably more appropriate.  I was planning on grabbing lunch at the Jamaican Cart, but it was M.I.A., so I went to Yips (on 51st btw. 6+7th) as a back up, and got the same double shrimp dish I had seen in the photo above.

My photo, plus a few other lunch “inspirations” after the jump…

And here are a couple more…

Cheeseburger from Burger Heaven, posted by thewanderingeater

A plate from the Al Baraka Turkish Buffet, posted by seraphim1970

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  • Mmm. Yips. I am a fan of their Pineapple Chicken. Plus, it is not a bad price for the speed of service and decent quantity of food. I find it hillarious how they use french fries as the chunks of potato in their dishes.

  • hey, so glad my pic could help!
    i hadn’t been to Yip’s in a hot minute so i thought i’d give em a go. i must say though- i’ll get the veggies next time like you did :)

  • All that grease! That’s worse than McD’s.

    Just have an apple and some yogurt for a change, why doncha?

    You never know where that pushcart food is coming from, or for how long it’s been sitting around.

  • Bill, you are on the wrong site to be wrong site to be writing a statement like that. These days, I would rather eat street meat than anything from a fast food chain because at least they are not pretending to serve healthy food. I wonder what is the number of people who eat at fast food joint who get food poisoning is versus those that eat at the carts that are celebrated on this site? Oh, by the way apples and yogurt are for breakfast not for lunch.

  • Sounds like you got a good lunch, but you’re wrong, the Jamaican cart was definitely there yesterday. The special of the day was pepper steak. And it was delicious. Short line too.


    That was posted on Wednesday, so the “Yesterday” in question was actually Tuesday.  But good to know it’s back!  -zach

  • I work right across the street from YIPs and find myself eating there at least once a week. While most of their food is so-so at best, I highly recommend the BBQ chicken (I normally get it w/ sauteed veggies) and the Mao Po Tofu. Very generous portions for less than $5.

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