The Mystery of the Nathan’s Not Dog

One of the contest winners picked up their book yesterday, and brought me this gift…



“It seemed like something you would like,” she said.  Is this what you think of me people?  I don’t know if “like” is the proper term, but I was certainly intrigued.  The term “Not Dog” seems easy enough to understand… until you see the picture on the right.  What the hell is that thing? Is that supposed to look appetizing?  It’s clearly not a vegetarian Hot Dog.

The Nathan’s website provided absolutely no information on “Not Dogs”, so I was forced to go to the Nathan’s on 8th Ave. & 44+45th St. to check it out.

What I found, is after the jump.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.



That’s right.  That coupon gets you a .99 Lobster Roll… or “Not Dog” as they call them.  I’m no economist, but what kind of meat could possibly go into a food item that claims to be lobster, yet only costs $1.99.  Still gun shy from my McDonald’s Angus Burger adventure, I couldn’t bring myself to order it- even for 99 cents.  (As a side note, the “Not Dog” cut off in the bottom left hand corner is made of Clam Strips.  Less surprising than lobster, but still scary at $1.99.)

Has anybody had one of these things?  I’m all for cheap, but this is a whole different animal (literally, right?).  Comments are welcome…


  • I’ve had the clam. It’s okay. Not great, but for $0.99 (I also had the coupon) it was edible.

    But really, I’d rather go to Coney Island and eat real hot dogs at the real Nathan’s anytime.

  • It’s probably some type of surimi! Which is cheap as chips! The clam strips are probably legit though. Either way, no thanks. =)

  • In Korea hotdogs actually contain dogs.

  • i’m so horrified by the lobster roll. i wonder who actually eats them.

  • Are you sure it’s not a “krab” roll?

  • Having been around since 1916 they should know by now what they do best. It’s “Nathan’s Famous” with a picture of a hot dog – not “Nathan’s Obscure” with a picture of what’s floating in the East River. I think someone should set poor old Nathan straight. Sounds like he’s losing it.

  • This piqued my curiosity so I went searching for the ingredient list, since all the major chains post their nutritional information and ingredient lists on their sites. Nathan’s website, however, does NOT carry such info. For some reason, Miami Subs, which is a subsidiary of Nathan’s, has Nathan’s nutritional info (but, interestingly, still no ingredient list). Nothing on the Not Dog, though. Shocking, no?

    I wonder if they’ll have a Not Dog competition next 4th of July. I bet you’d have to eat it that fast to avoid throwing up.

  • I am going to start a cart and sell something I want to call “Rot Dogs.” Yummy! They will look like a cross between the clam and the lobster.

    I live in Chinatown, and at the end of the night there are lots of wonderful seafoods available in front of the stalls after they hose the sidewalk. That and after a good, hard rain.

  • Where’d you get the coupon? I wouldn’t mind a 99c hot dog…

  • *shudders

  • the only place you can get a real nathans lobster roll is in Coney island it costs 5.99 and is worth every penny those advertisements are for the franchise and they dont have the lobster roll they are misleading ads . the only place to get the good dtuff is at the originals they have frog legs chow mein sandwiches and the lobster roll sandwich

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