Final Days of the Rock Center Farmer’s Market…


Tomorrow is the last day for the Rock Center Farmer’s Market.  I will miss it.  It was nice to be able to see some fruits and vegetables in their semi-natural state, as opposed to what we’re used to here in Midtown.  If the two could talk I imagine their conversation to go like this:

Farmer’s Market Vegetables: “Aren’t you jealous?  I get to appear in my natural state, and be purchased close to home, by people who truly care about food.  They are going to take me home and do something really special with me.”

Midtown Vegetable: “That’s lame.  I get to travel thousands of miles from where I grew up, only to be chopped up, made to look a lot prettier than I actually taste, and then combined with 5 other friends on top of a pile of lettuce and eaten by some rich Midtown business person!  That’s much more exciting…”

Top whatever sandwich you have with some fresh cheese, add a piece of fruit to your lunch, or pick up some stuff to make dinner with.  I did my final walk through yesterday, and picked up some fresh basil and grape tomatoes… which last night got turned into this (photo after the jump)



Cooking at home every night for my wife, is how I justify eating disgusting cart food every day for lunch!


  • Farmers Market Veg also have a duplex fridge over looking the park on the upper westside.

  • That looks like some killer pesto. I like mine with a handful of toasted pignolis thrown on top… try it!

  • you cook for your wife every night and you write this blog?
    your my new pseudo boyfriend.

  • why wouldn’t they have the farmers market up all summer. as opposed to the stupid driving range that nobody gets to use or the retarded cranberry bog which just gets in the way or the tennis setup which is basically seats with a big tv. Green market 5 days a week, thats what I say.

  • I agree that it should be all summer too, but there are many markets in this city which are year round so its not *that* bad.

  • Why would they end it *now* right when the best food of the year is available? Yes I could always hit the Union Square market on my way home, but who gets off of work by six o’clock?

  • Does anyone know the name of the stand that makes all the cookies and pies and if they are at any other markets?

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