Pinkberry Gets Scooped by Yogurberry in Midtown



While Pinkberry continues its quest for Frozen Yogurt World Domination (according to Eater, two more locations are opening soon in Midtown), blatant rip off Yogurberry quietly opened inside of the Cafe Duke on 41st & Broadway yesterday.

The menu, prices, and general concept are exactly the same.  As for taste, I don’t really know since I’ve never eaten at Pinkberry (and only ate the Yogurberry because they were giving away free samples).  My thoughts on the subject of the new Frozen Yogurt Craze are perfectly summed up 1 minute and 56 seconds into this amazing Gakwer Video.


  • Nothing like a fat-free frozen yogurt. I tried Yogurberry last week and I’m hooked. Ate Pinkberry, but Yogurberry has a different taste. Something about it just lingers on your taste buds and makes you want more. I heard they’re coming out with soft serve locations at some stores. Can’t wait!!!!!

  • Apparently, Cafe Duke has changed Yogurberry to Yoggi. It pretty much tastes the same and has the same types of toppings – sprinkles, chocolate chips, granola, lots of cut up fruit but no cereal. And, the price went up! It’s $3.99 for a regular and $1 per topping. It’s a total rip off because I can get a regular with 3 toppings for a little less than $6 at Pinkberry or Red Mango. Oh well.

  • Now the yogurt at Cafe Duke is Yolato. wow what’s going on over there?

  • Yogurberry is not a ripoff. It’s a company that started in Korea in 2004, and went global slowly. They have stores in Malaysia, China, the United States and now a store has opened in Brazil. However, the first Pinkberry store was opened in L.A. by a group of rival Korean-Americans. So in reality, Pinkberry is a ripoff of Yogurberry.

  • I meant to add the first Pinkberry store was opened in L.A. “in 2005.”

  • ^ 2nd w/Kevin.
    Let the truth set people free!

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