Finding An Out of Place Lunch Morsel…

Are you one of those people that is grossed out when you find a piece of food in your lunch that doesn’t belong?  Mind you, I’m not talking about non food items, like hair or a severed finger.  I’m talking about the regular french fry that makes it into your order of sweet potato fries, or the random hunk of pork that made it into your vegetarian entree.  An out of place morsel may be oft putting to some (like the vegetarian put in the above situation), but for this non discriminating eater, I see these interlopers as welcomed little nuggets of goodness!   Take my lunch yesterday:

Beef Bulgogi with Lo Mein & Gyoza from the Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart (more on this meal in a future post).  I’m guessing there are a few people who would be disturbed finding a big hunk of chicken in their beef dish, but not me.  For me it’s like Christmas.  I love variety, and finding that piece of chicken turned my three item combo, into a four item combo.

With all the steam tables, salad bars and by the lb. buffets in Midtown, I’m sure there are worse (or in some cases better!) findings than a piece of chicken in a beef dish. 



  • You know, it is more like Easter than Christmas. You found an Easter Egg in yer mein.

  • I once found a 100% beef patty on a Bigmac…i was horrified.

  • I love it! I love when I’m torn between ordering say, french fries or mashed potatoes and a french fry winds up in my mashed potatoes. I’m a mini-fat man in disguise.

  • Don’t be dissing the severed finger. Dee-lish!

  • I like the random things, although I always play a scenario in my mind of someone being allergic to the random thing, and the chaos that would break out, involving an Epi-pen and a violent seizure.

  • ~~~~ I play out the Scene with michael douglas….complaining about breakfast service stopping in the movie Falling Down.

    Go on…haven’t you wanted to mach 10 a server?


  • At Burger King you always get a little surprise in your fries whether it be a chicken fry in your fries or a fry in your chicken fries which I don’t mind at all. What I do mind is the onion ring in my fries, they have a really strong odor and are not very good.

  • god this has got to be the funniest post ever.

  • I like it when I get a little chicken in my lamb and rice from the carts… just enough to have a taste. Consider it a welcome appetizer!

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