Adam Sandler Brings Daisy May’s BBQ Cart Back to Park Ave.


Don’t get too excited about the second Daisy May’s BBQ Cart that popped up like a mirage in the distance on Park Ave. this week.  I got this email from an East Side Lunch’er very excited by Daisy May’s return to Park Ave. (they had a cart there last summer, which has not returned):

I saw from a distance that there was a Daisy May BBQ cart on Park Ave between 52nd and 53rd Street. I will take a closer look when I go out to lunch at 2:00. I hope they have some food left. — Alan

It turns out that it wasn’t a mirage, but it’s not exactly the triumphant return lunch’ers were hoping for.  Apparently the cart on Park is only there for the filming of Adam Sandler’s new movie “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan“, and isn’t even serving any food.  The angry and disappointed emails have already started pouring in:

Dude I was really bummed and pissed actually when I [realized the] Daisy May’s BBQ cart at the Seagrams Building on Park+52nd… was just for the filming of the Adam Sandler movie, and you could not actually get any ‘cue. Grrrr.  –Jason

According to IMDB ”You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” is rumored to star Mariah Carey.  All will be forgiven if we see her crazy ass eating at a Midtown street cart. 


BBQ lovers are not the only ones who have been effected by the production.  The Jiannetto’s Pizza truck that appeared on 48th this week, is actually the cart that is normally on Park Ave.  When the movie leaves, the Park Ave. Jiannetto’s truck will return, and they will put their newly built truck on 48th. St. 

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  • Dude what’s up w/Daisy May’s anyway! The Wall St. cart has not appeared this summer and I’ve been *dying* to try it. (I try to avoid the Times Sq./42ish area… at all times.) Sigh! And their website has no mention of the carts, just says it’s cold for carts or something stupid :(

  • Would Mariah Carey eating a Daisy May’s sandwich be sexy, I am kind of thinking maybe not?

  • Summer time is the best time for BBQ’s, cant wait to try them out

  • MAN!!! The Daisy May’s on 50th off 6th is annoying me to tears! EVERY TIME I GO THERE “only chili left…. sorry” Good lord that steams my clams!!! mmmmmmmmmmm clams……
    Anyway, this guy will be the first to get a ‘Tard card from yours truly!!!

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