Tons of New Midtown Lunches Coming Soon…



A lot of new Coming Soon signs are popping up all around Midtown.  Here’s the info I have on what to expect, and when:

  • Sophie’s Cuban (40th btw. 7+8th) – Their website lists August 15th as the opening date for their new location.  It’s not guaranteed, but when the last location opened (on 56th St.), there was free food given out all day long
  • Yolato (Park btw. 41+42nd) – The first Midtown location of this frozen yogurt/gelato place is scheduled to open September 10th, with free Gelato being given away all day long
  • Goodburger (45th btw. 5+6th) – If all goes smoothly with the August opening of their Union Square Location, they plan on opening their new Midtown West location at the end of September.
  • Five Guys Burgers (55th btw. 5+6th) – The most anticipated opening of the year, this cheap burger joint is anticipating a Fall opening, “most likely September or October”
  • ‘wichcraft (Rock Center) – Their new location underneath Rockefeller Center just went into production, so their rep would only say they expect to open this Fall.
  • Golden Krust (8th Ave. nr. 39th) – They also just started construction on this new location and said they “don’t expect it to be open anytime soon”.  2 to 3 months at least… 

If you’ve seen a Coming Soon sign somewhere in Midtown, snap a photo and send it to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Group, or email me at


  • Five Guys Burgers are quite excellent! I had one in NoVA last week and was surprised by how tasty my burger was. I particularly liked the buns they used – chewy and moist.

  • I was all over 5 Guys when I lived in DC, and even popped into the Brooklyn location a few weeks ago. However, the pricing leaves a bit to be desired. I believe it was $8.50 for a double cheeseburger with fries in Brooklyn. The Manhattan location will surely charge more, so we are left with the Burger Joint pricing model ($10 for burger & fries) even though 5 Guys is 5X better than the Joint.

  • £5 for a burger and fries…….you poor dears……..i bet you could hardly waddle to your SUV’s without blubbing.

  • O, Rudy McBagel: you crack yourself up!
    Let’s hear it for bitterness toward strangers!

  • 5 guys is NOT cheap. A burger runs you around 6 bucks WITHOUT fries which are another 3 almost. And then with drink its like 10 bucks easy. You can spend another few bucks and get an awesome Rare burger with ALOT more meat.

  • DDR, your theropist will be disapointed.

  • Zach, please change the name of the commenter who posted at 10:09 a.m. today, as it was not me. (Although the comment is almost identical to mine). Thank you. Second time this happened to me!

  • DDR is Bi Polar?

  • Is anyone else secretly obsessed with ‘wichcraft? It is on the pricey end for sandwiches, but mmmmm…

  • I’ve had DC Five Guys and Brooklyn Five Guys, and DC’s is way better— someone in NY (health dept?) is forcing them to cook till there’s a thick, patty-wide burn crust on both sides of the burger. And asking to have a less-encrusted burger while waiting–”could I take those patties now?”– yields a refusal. I like burgers that don’t crunch, myself; especially ones that cost $6 and are smug about it. Brooklyn’s lost me.

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