At Lunch Now: Subway Edition

You didn’t think I meant Jared’s Subway, did you? The day I eat there is the day Midtown Lunch is officially over. I meant the NY Subway. Rainy days like this mean one thing… subway to the Manhattan Mall Food Court. Nathan’s, Arby’s, Ranch 1, and the requisite cheap and crappy Chinese, Japanese, and Bourbon Chicken. And if you work over the BDFV, you don’t even need to step outside. 

What do you do on rainy days?  Feel free to post as a comment below…



  • Just got the Hing Won pork noodle soup delivered…perfect day for it.

  • Cafe Duke, Korean ramyun beef. yum

  • What is the Manhattan Mall? I have never heard of this fast food mecca, Arby’s(WTF). I would lose my mind if they had a Long John Silver’s. LJS is truly the best fast food chain. Nobody is greasier. If anyone has a line on an NYC LJS please let me know.

  • Hi. Thank you for writing the best blog ever. Sincerely, Matthew.

  • ils vont,

    According to the LJS website, the closest one to NYC is in Hicksville on Long Island that may be walking distance from the Hicksville LIRR station. The next best thing is the Arthur Treachers on E. 14th Street.

  • When it’s raining i order out chinese.

    Also in ‘n’ out in NYC will be crap, too far from regular supliers.

  • chil-fil-a is the best fast food chain in the history of fast food chains.

    when it’s raining, i eat in the cafeteria at work.

  • On rainy days I try to find the only place underneath Rock Center that isn’t a madhouse. Today, it was Starbucks. I finally tried one of their sandwiches, the tarragon chicken salad. It was crap. No more sandwiches from there for me.

    Is there a chck-fil-a in the city?

  • I believe there is a Long John Silver’s in the Times Square area near Juniors. It’s a counter space, not a restaurant, and it shares a space with (I think) Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc. I’m pretty sure I was there over the summer just to get a soda while waiting to see Avenue Q on Broadway. Hope this helps.

  • There’s a Chik-fil-A in a food court at NYU. I don’t know whether it’s open to non-NYU folks during the school year, but it’s closed for the summer right now.

  • Despite my love of the Bell, I have to agree – Chick-Fil-A is the most wondrous fast food chain ever. It’s impossible to describe the beauty of it, and trust me, I’ve tried! My rainy day place is the Concourse, which was a madhouse today. Luckily I found the short line at Wendy’s.

  • Rainy days are an opportunity to go to some place that normally has a line that is too long to be worth the wait. Yesterday, I made my first (and last) visit to the mis-named Good Burger on Lex and 54th. Normally has a line out the door by 12:30, but yesterday I just walked right in.

  • Thanks for the feedback I will check it out. can’t believe the LJS is in a town on LI called Hicksville, seems all to perfect.

  • DDR:

    Those are inspiring words. My search for the Manhattan based LJS continues…chicken planks, battered fries and malt vinegar, so good.

  • Cafe Pom Pom on 32nd, west of the mall near 7th Ave, serves incredibly delicious and affordable cheeseburgers. Mall schmall.

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