Manchu Wok to Re-Open, Followed by Cinnabon in 30 Rock



Crappy Chinese food fans rejoice!  The space in the Rock Center Councourse formerly inhabited by Manchu Wok will be re-opening as… Manchu Wok.  Apparently it has new owners and will re-open in the next week (or two).  I’m not exactly sure how franchises work, but I’m holding out hope that the quality will improve for those rainy days when I don’t want to go outside and walk to the far superior Hing Won, one block away.

In much bigger news, Cinnabon will be opening a location in the Rock Center Councourse sometime in the near future.  This is terrible news for us fatties who do everything we can to avoid things like the amazing scent of freshly cooked cinnamon filled, glazed buns, that will no doubt permeate the entire food court area.  The Rock Center Councourse might just have to banned permanently from my list of Midtown Lunch’ing options, just to avoid the tantalizing smell.

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  • Agreed, the smell is total crack. But, the taste *never* lives up to the smell — I think they put saccharin in there. Just remember how it tastes, and it will put a little bit of ruin into the smell…

  • Agree with Crackhead. I was sorely dissapointed the last time I tried a Cinnabon. The aroma is more beautiful than anything mankind has ever experienced…but after bite number 4 it’s just kind of sickening.

  • I only go for half of it and find someone to split it with. This way I get to satisfy my addiction without ruining it by eating too much

  • I think I can help you avoid the lure of a Cinnabon in the Rock Center Councourse — just walk by the Auntie Anne’s Pretzels in the Rock Center Councourse right before they open or right after they close, when the smell coming through the vents is a combination of cinnamon + bleach (I guess they’re cleaning..?).

    Since the arrival of the Cinnbon will hasten the demise of the Auntie Anne’s, I’d get on this, if I were you, before it’s too late.

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