At Lunch Now: Chipotle

The year of Chipotle celibacy has come to an end. Full details, what I
ended up getting, and the Midtown Lunch Burrito Theory- coming tomorrow.  I will now walk around the block in an attempt to get rid of the feeling that there is a brick resting at the bottom of my stomach. 


  • Dude, you should totally go to a good restaurant over lunch…there are tons participating in restaurant week…splurge, spend the $31 for lunch…its worth it! Stop whining about Chipotle, and go eat some good food!

  • Chipotle is sad. Sure, they stuff a LOT of rice and some beans into a tortilla, add a splash of salsa, and tuck a bit of meat over to one side as an afterthought. Sucks. And some people swear by them. I never had a burrito so big that had such little substance. I don’t need to be reminded by going back there, not even once a year.

  • I am not a huge fan of Mexican food and ate my first buritto at Chiplote a few months ago. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

    I have to agree with Ubu: restaurant week is too good to pass!! Lunch is cheaper than that, I think he quoted the dinner price. I recommend some research though: not all of the participating restaurant are the very best. At some of them it actually does not make any difference in price. You want to target the top-notch ones that you could not afford otherwise.

  • @Ubu
    You don’t really get this site, do you?

  • @Paul
    I get this website perfectly. The site is supposed to be a place for people to find restaurant gems in a sea of duds in the midtown area. And I get that most meals are supposed to be cheap (under $10).

    However, when you can hit an amazing midtown restaurant that is not affordable (think $55 for one person), for half price, then that is cheap! And it fits into the purpose of the website, IMHO.

  • @Ubu:

    No, you still don’t get it. $31 for lunch at a pricey restaurant may be a good DISCOUNT but it is still NOT CHEAP. Cheap is an absolute standard, held here to be generally under $10. $31 is simply not cheap, even if it is a lot less than paying full price.

    There is a difference between a “good deal” and “cheap.” This site is all about CHEAP midtown eats for lunch. Restaurant Week does not fit into this category.

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