At Lunch Now: Kati Roll Closed, Blue Pig Open


As promised, Kati Roll opened it’s new location on 39th btw. 5+6th on Saturday… but have since closed to fix some electrical issues.  The good news is, they will hopefully be back open tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.  Their new number is 212-730-4280 if you want to call before you make the trek.

The space looks nice, and the menu will be exactly the same.  They also hope to add delivery in the near future, if they can handle the business.  I don’t know if you’ve heard- but they’re pretty packed during lunchtime.  Also, there is rumbling of the possiblity of a Kati Roll cart somewhere near the old location in the 40s… but it’s just a rumbling!  Very preliminary… Perhaps an outpouring of support for the idea would push them over the top!  (Hint hint)

In other news, Blue Pig Ice Cream on 43rd btw. Lex+3rd is opened- and according to tipster Ileen is “tasty”.  It’s pretty freakin hot out.  May be a good day for some ice cream…

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  • clled them up and confirmed that they will be opening from tomorrow( wednesday)…..

  • they’re open. went there at 11:45, no wait. 1 block from my office now :-)

  • I just went there today. It was my first time in a blue pig. I had a milkshake made with a chocolate, chocolate chip and chocolate brownie ice cream. I forget the name but not the taste. The milkshake was really thick though.
    The guy at the counter said that things are still on order so they are not at full stock. There were no peanuts for example.

  • Hmm, I’m not sure if Blue Pig’s such a good idea. Check out the comments on the Brooklyn Heights blog:

  • This is the kind of place I love. Locally produced and owned, interesting flavors (some hit, some miss), and really good ice cream. Tried coconut butterfinger (a must have, maybe their best), magic pig food (chocolatey mess but delicious), blue pig (looks cool but actually kind of boring/bland) and strawberry (great). Feels like it belongs more in the Village than in midtown, but I hope hope hope it lasts.

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