At Lunch Now: July 4th Edition

Is there a better lunch on the 4th of July? A Nathan’s Hot dog and fries on the Coney Island boardwalk after watching Joey Chestnut bring the Mustard Belt back to the USA by eating a ridiculous 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes. A true American hero.

How did you hot dog on the 4th?  Post it as a comment, and then check out Jason Perlow’s 2007 Great Hot Dog Tasting!


  • Zach, what do you have on that hot dog? It looks like fried onions, ketchup, and tarter sauce. Somewhat an unusual combination of condiments, isn’t it?



    Actually it’s grilled onions and ketchup.  Then, on the very end is a dollop of mustard, because my wife wanted one bite, and she likes mustard.  -zach

  • Totally hilarious interview with a Nathan’s famous waitress in NY Mag

  • I grew up about 15 mins from Coney Island…desparately avoided the crowds there yesterday…but I’d agree..nothing better than a Nathan’s on July 4th from the source itself.

    Hope you didn’t get any Kobayashi splatter on you ;)

  • Zach- Only one hot dog in 12 minutes? You consider yourself a real American? I hope you’re just holding out for the General Hso’s Chicken eating contest.

  • why do people put ketchup on hot dogs?

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