Two Well Known Carts Getting New Locations in Midtown

Two well known cart vendors, Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck (here in Midtown), and Calexico (in Soho) have new carts in production that will be appearing in Midtown in the next month or two.

Jiannetto’s Pizza, which already has two trucks in Midtown (one on Park+52nd, and one on 47+Vanderbilt), has another truck in production that will go somewhere on 6th Ave.  The new location will be perfect for those of you on the West side looking for some Sicilian Grandma style pizza out of a truck (and are too lazy to trek to Park Ave.)

Calexico Cart Photo posted to Flickr by ext212
Read more about it at Writing With my Mouth Full

Even more exciting than that- Calexico, a Vendy Award nominated Mexican cart situated in Soho, are having a new cart manuafactured for them to go in Midtown.  The cart will be burritos only, but will undoutedly feature their famous carne asada.  Should be up and running in the next month. 

More news on both of these new carts as it comes in… Thanks to tipsters Matt & Nancy for passing this info along, and as always, if you have any news, tips or recommendations, email them to


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