With Kati Roll leaving, the Roti Wars are Heating Up on 46th St.

If you missed the news- today is the last day to enjoy Kati Roll at their 46th St. location.  They will be re-opening on 39th St. btw. 5+6th in a week and a half.  The reaction has been pretty predictable.  If you work near the current Kati Roll, you’re pretty bummed.  If you work near the new location, you’re pretty psyched.  But there’s one thing that there is no denying… come tomorrow there will be a Kati Roll void, waiting to be filled in the 40s between 6+7th.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Biriyani Cart that started serving Roti Rolls on 46th & 6th.  A perfect replacement for Kati Roll (and half the price!).  Well now it appears that cart will have some competition.  Last week, a new cart quiety opened up between the Biriyani Cart, and Kati Roll- serving their own brand of Kati Rolls.  And there is no mistaking the intentions.  The new cart is looking to be Kati Roll replacement.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the signs they had printed up- after the jump

Gee.  That logo looks familiar.  And the guy is waiting for Kati Roll to close before he hangs them up.  Nice!  He seemed very eager to explain to me that Kati Roll is just a word for a food, not a restaurant name.  Kati, being Indian for stick (like meat cooked on a stick), and roll… well, roll is pretty self explanatory.  It makes sense to me… although he might find it a little more difficult to explain away the orange sign with the Kati Roll Company asterik on it.  The new cart is slowly building up its menu of items, but when he reaches 100% he plans on serving a few different kinds of “Kati Rolls” (Chicken & Beef), for $2.99 apiece.

Despite knowing that there will be plenty of Kati action even once Kati Roll moves to its new location, I decided to make one last pilgramage to the original KR.  I figured the day before the last day would be a little less crazy.  If that rationale holds true, today should be absolute pandemonium.  Try to order over the phone, in advance, if you plan on hitting up Kati Roll one last time.  Here’s some pics of our feast…

The ridiculous line.  Luckily I ordered in advance.  (We still waited 15 minutes for our food)

The feast!  I’d like to say it was all for me (I am a fat man), but this was actually for 6 of us.

3 Beef Rolls

The Chicken Unda Roll.  If you look very closely you can see the thin layer of egg between the chicken and the paratha.

The Shami Kebab Roll (Minced Mutton).  Amazing blend of spices.  Delicious!

For more photos of Kati Roll, The Biriyani Cart & the new “Kati Roll” Cart- go to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Page.  More on all these places, as it develops.


  • I don’t get to lunch until 2 o’clock. Do you recommend ordering ahead since it may be crazy today?

  • where is the new kati roll cart located?


    On 46th btw. 6+7th.  It is between the Biriyani Cart on the Corner of 46th & 6th, and Kati Roll itself. -zach

  • OH that looks so darn good! *shakes fist at Zach*

  • Girlie food….where’s the vindaloo or phal curry?

  • Any way nobody can beat biriyani cart on corner of 46th and 6th av.,…. for his kati roll

  • nothing beats the original. besides the hygenic conditions. i would not want the nyc dust in my roll.

  • Haha… my name is Kati. I’d like to try one of these kati rolls. I want one now.

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