Cool Midtown Eats for Summertime

It is freaking hot out… so I figured I’d post some of my favorite summer time eats.  I’m not much into salads, or “lite” food- so here are a few things that are perfect for summer, but still tasty.

1.  The Gazapacho at Milant.  It’s time!  I’ve been waiting for this one since I wrote about this place in February.  June through August, this tiny specialty deli offers Gazpacho as one of the soups you can get with any sandwich order.  It costs an extra buck (normally soup comes for free), but it’s well worth it.  Who wants to be eating hot split pea soup in the summertime?  Super tangy, with chunks of cucumber floating on top of the cold red tomato broth.

Hiyashi Chuka
Hiyashi Chuka from Menchanko Tei
Posted to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Group by Jane! Jane! Jane!

2.  Hiyashi Ramen.  Summertime means one thing in Japan… it’s time for some Hiyashi Ramen- cold noodles served in a special chilled broth.  Lucky for us there is no shortage of ramen houses in Midtown, so Hiyashi can be found all over.  The picture above is from Menchanko Tei, I’ve had the one at Men Kui Tei, and you can get it at Sapporo as well. 


3.  The Octopus Salad at Margon.  Want some Cuban food, but can’t imagine wolfing down a giant plate of roasted pork? (I’ve personally never felt that way… but to each their own).  The cool octopus salad is the way to go.  It’s on the board as being offered Wednesday & Friday only, but occasionally you can find it on other days.

And finally… a perfect lunch to balance your fat guy tastes with the heat of summer- after the jump



4.  The Swedish Meatball Sandwich at Fika.  It’s Swedish Meatballs (no salads for this fat guy!), served as a cool refreshing sandwich.  (Well, as refreshing as meatballs could possibly be…)  The perfect balance for the lunch’er who wants something meaty, but doesn’t want to feel disgusting returing to the 90+ degree heat!

Got your own summetime suggestion?  Post it as a comment below…


  • i live for hiyashi chuka. i would gladly eat this in the wintertime too

  • Um, I like fruit salads. But we have a cafeteria so I don’t technically have to leave the building… but I do!

  • Here’s a story:
    One swelteringly hot day, I decided that I’d like to give Menchanko-Tei a rest and meet a friend at Sapporo for their hiyashi chuka. This was at the very end of May. I arrive, and lo and behold, they don’t offer it yet. It must have been like 90 degrees! So I settled for a bowl of their hot house ramen.

    I crave hiyashi chuka but luckily Menchanko-Tei is on the next block. Thanks for using my picture!

  • Proppa food.

  • Mister Softee (sorry, now the song will be in everyone’s heads…)

  • There’s nowhere to get this in midtown, but I LOVE eating nengmyun… similar idea as hiyashi chuka, but Korean style!

    You can get it spicy or with broth…


  • wanna see the food gliteratti bitchin`?

    visit off post)

    ive never seen so many anal people trying to impress each other in my life.

  • My personal summer lunch favorite from my company cafeteria is a salad made with cucumber, fresh tomatoes, and jicama. Crunchy, cool and refreshing.

  • Moose —
    Ambrosia Cafe on 45th (one of the midtown delis that serve Korean food in the back) promised to have naeng-myun in the summer. I can’t verify it, as I no longer work nearby.

  • The meatball sub looks good – what kind of greens are those? I’ve never seen leaves paired with meatballs – granted, I’ve never had a cold meatball sub either.

  • Aucuns doutes c’est une bonne page..

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