At Lunch Now: Daisy May’s is Back!

Better late then never… cart troubles led to a later than normal
Summer arrival- but I’m pretty psyched to report that the 50th St. cart
(btw. 6+7th) is back. Get there early though… they’ve sold out the
past 2 days by 1pm.

No word on when the rest of their summer carts will pop up… they are
on the hunt for licensed vendors to man the other locations


  • How long is the line taking, these days? Is it more “Hallo Berlin” or “Jamaican Dutchy” in length?

    This is great news, though.


    In my experience there is never really too much of a line because everything is pre-made and pre packaged in little containers, so it’s just a matter of putting your containers in a plastic bag and taking your money.  Have you had a different experience?  -zach

  • I’ve never been there before. I just have had bad experience waiting in line for food. I only get an hour for lunch–I can’t take 10 minutes to walk to a place, 10 minutes to walk back, and wait 30 minutes in line for food…which is why I only go to Hallo Berlin on rainy days.

    Speaking of lines, I work at 57th and 7th and Carnegie Hall John–since he got named 8th best cart in the city by NY Mag–went from no line at all to a line that takes at least 20 minutes. Hopefully, it’ll calm down soon.

  • great food and the sweet tea is out of control… no line at all either at 1230

  • I really wish the one on Park Ave was back. I miss my Texas Red

  • Anyone spot the other carts yet?

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