BREAKING NEWS: R.I.P. Ressie Mae’s Soul-to-Go

Ressie Mae’s, the soul food place on 8th ave. btw. 39+40th with loose ties to Amy Ruth’s in Harlem has closed as of today.  I was just emailed these sad photos from Midtown Lunch’er “Jed”:


Apparently they were evicted after not paying their rent.  No word yet on what will go up in its place, but the landlord said he doesn’t want another restaurant in there.  Bummer…  I will miss you Fried Chicken & Waffles.

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  • good riddance!

  • no, this is sad. where else are you gonna get authentic soul food south of 125th st? it’s true that they started to go down (an indication of bigger troubles perhaps), but when they first opened their doors to business they were great. nicest people, too.

  • Aaiieee. This sucks, I’m like two blocks away from Ressie Mae’s. They had some of the best fried chicken in Manhattan and the guys who worked there were unbelievably nice. They probably could have charged double for the amount of food they served.

  • i never even knew this place existed. and this is my ‘hood.

  • Big brotha behind the counter had a Breitling watch encrusted with diamonds, but can’t pay his rent.

    too cliche

  • you have to go to Ruthie Mae’s in englewood, NJ – the original!

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