Who wants “A Taste of Times Square”?

Overshadowed by the Big Apple BBQ Block Party this past weekend (and most other food festivals in the city), A Taste of Times Square is happening tonight from 5 to 8:30pm. on 46th St. btw. Broadway & 9th Ave.  According to their website, it’s:

Your chance to sample signature dishes and a variety of international foods from Times Square’s finest eateries…

If Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Papa John’s & Applebee’s are some of the “finest eateries” in Times Sq. than I think we’re in trouble.  I’m gussing our Times Sq. favorites (Kati Roll, Minar, Margon, Yum Thai, and all the food carts) got priced out…

I do love food festivals though, so I will probably do a quick walk through after work.  It will be a cheap way to try some of the places a little expensive for Midtown Lunch’ing purposes… like Utsav, Becco & Virgil’s BBQ.  Plus, I do love Snapple!

For more info, including a full list of vendors, go here.  There is no information about how much the food costs (they’ll be selling generic “tickets” at booths throughout the festival), but if it’s a true “Taste” of Times Sq. I’m guessing it will be overpriced and packed with annoying tourists.

Applebee’s Photo courtesy of cmax on flickr.


  • I protest! Utsav takeout is well within price limits for midtown lunch (veggie & meat, dal, rice, bread, salad costs $8), and the line is usually much shorter than most of the other nearby good choices…

  • I’m digging the town square-esk entrance!

  • There was a time when asking someone if they “wanted a taste of Times Square” would get you arrested….

  • Hey,
    Did you even go? As I wipe off the vodka sauce from my program, I notice that there were 53 different restaurants, but you made a point to pick out the few ones that supported your preconcieved notion of what the event would be. Why not mentioned the other 49? Hey, I understand, I’m no fan of the chain restaurants in Times Square but I can’t image you went if you think it was over priced ($1-$4 and in my opinion most booths gave you too much food!) and lacked variety and quality. Plus, all the live music? There had to be 15 different bands/musicians!! Seriously, did you go? I can’t believe that you did.
    Your site just lost its credibility with me.

  • Seabreeze – yeah, I agree – it looks like Zach didn’t actually make it to the Taste of Times Square. I’m with you — he magically created all seventeen of the photographs he posted of the event. He is clearly master of the black arts.

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