I’m in the mood for Onion Rings…

After last night’s Soprano’s episode, I’m sort of in the mood for some onion rings.  The best Onion rings I’ve had in Midtown (by far) are the ones at Del Frisco’s (49th btw. 6+7th)… but if you don’t have $11.95 to drop on a plate of fried onions (yes, a side order of onion rings is Twelve Dollars), my pick for best onion rings in Midtown would have to be Prime Burger on 51st btw. Madison & 5th.

A picture of those, plus the worst onion rings in Midtown… after the jump

$3.50 isn’t the cheapest ever, and they need a little salt- but they’re pretty damn tasty.  Plus, Prime Burger is an old school diner- making it the perfect post Soprano’s lunch for those of us who can’t make it to Holsten’s in Jersey.

Coincidentally enough, I had the worst onion rings ever on Friday at the Heartland Brewery on 51st btw. 6+7th (it was a Birthday lunch, otherwise I never would have stepped foot in that place).  It wasn’t that they tasted so horrible, but they cost $6.95 and we only got 5 rings (one for each person at the table).  Shameful.  Who do these people think they are, Del Frisco’s???

Got your favorite rings in Midtown?  Post them as a comment below…


  • Mmm…. onion rings…. I rarely order them even though I like them, such a shame.

    PS I don’t want to spoil anything but DAMN. with the Sopranos.

  • a random place, but the onion rings Mr. Biggs over on 44th at 10th ave are excellent. they give you a gigantic basket of them and they come out looking more like an “onion loaf” if anyone knows what that is…

  • Incidentally, Holsten’s has really awful onion rings. Apart from “Individual Can of Tuna,” it’s probably the least exciting part of their menu. They’re generic, mashed onion, breadcrumbed rings… like the supermarket brand in the freezer next to the Ore-Idas. Nothing like the awesome looking rings in this post.

    I live up the street from them and eat there very often. They have the best greasy cheeseburgers on the planet and the fries are always great and I fantasize about it every day I eat at the shitholes in Midtown… but the onion ring line made me go “Huh?”

  • prime burger is great, if im correct you get onion rings and fries with their double burger lunch special

  • This is a really old post, so not sure if you’ll see it, but Ted’s Montana Grill actually has amazing “salt and pepper” onion rings. It’s def not a ML spot, and we only go when vendors take us out, but it’s pretty tasty

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