Fried Artichokes and a Decent Burrito (aka What Midtown Can Learn from Northern California…)

I spent the weekend in Northern California, and realized there are three things we desperately need for Midtown Lunch’ing:

#1.  A fried artichoke sandwich.  Had this at the Lighthouse Harbor Grill in Moss Landing, a town between Santa Cruz & Monterey known for its delicious (and plentiful) artichokes.  You gotta a love a town that has so many artichokes every single restaurant in it serves a fried artichoke sandwich.

#2.  A decent burrito.  My quest to not eat Chiptole for an entire year is about to enter its 11 month (the official date I fall of the wagon is 7/18), and it takes just one bite of a burrito from California to justify my decision.  A burrito from any random place on the West Coast is ten times better than anything we have here.  Why can’t NYC make a decent burrito?  Is it really that hard?

Here’s a shot of my Carnitas Super Burrito from Taqueria Marlen in Mountain View, CA.  It might look the same as some of the burritos here in NYC, but don’t be fooled- the taste couldn’t be different.



#3.  A Bouchon Bakery.  Oh wait… we have one of those!  I’ve gotta start taking advantage of this a little more often.  A slice of Napa right in Columbus Circle.  Check out a picture of their delicious Vegetable Jardiniere Sandwich, after the jump…

It may be a little pricey, but it’s the cheapest way to sample a little bit of Thomas Keller magic.  The Bouchon Bakery in Yountville is cheaper than the one in the Time Warner Center… but the travel time is a tad bit shorter.

For more Northern California Food Porn, check out the Midtown Lunch Flickr Page


  • Re: #2, I grew up in CA, so I agree, but do you know about La Paloma on 45th/Ninth? Not 100% authentic Cali-style Mexican food but pretty darn close for an NYC (Manhattan) joint.

  • I am not a fan of burritos and fried artichokes sound a little weird to me. I love artichokes, warm with a little vinaigrette, eating leaf by leaf, love it.
    Bouchon is good but each time I stop by the TWC I am stunned by the army of staff they have there, most just crossing their arms. They have the most annoying staff. Other than that, I love their food.

  • Rachel’s Taqueria (2 locations in park slope) does a pretty decent california-style burrito…

    (no affilation, just my local burrito joint)

  • Go to Los Dos Molinos on 18th just east of Park Avenue South. They aren’t cheap Chipolte-style burritos (they are only open for dinner). Los Dos has 4 locations: 3 in Arizona and the one here–all family-owned. It is the most authentic place I have been to yet in NYC. Bring an appetite, a tolerance for spicy food and a thirst for margaritas.

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