At Lunch Now: Sullivan St. Bakery

It may seem like a terrible day for it (if you haven’t noticed, it’s pouring)- but I had to run an errand on the west side today, so I used it as an excuse to grab lunch at the Sullivan St. Bakery on 47th btw. 10th and 11th. Amazing flat bread pizzas (the potato is to die for), and sandwiches make this place well worth the walk (if the day is nice, and you’re looking for an excursion).I went with the much praised Duck Egg one (with buffalo mozarella, artichokes and ramps). It could be bigger, but considering the ingredients, fresh bread, and price tag ($6) it’s quite the treat!


  • It’s actually on 47th St. Also, they don’t usually put out sandwiches until after 12:30. (A sad fact I discovered at 11:30 one day…)

    In addition to the awesome bread, their cherry tarts, rhubarb bread pudding and biscotti are to die for! There is also a playground on 10th with benches and tables if you’re looking for a place to sit and eat.


    Ooops!  You would think I’d get the street right, considering I live one block away… -zach

  • given all the hype, im a huge seller of this place. the sandwiches arent ready til late. they run out of the sandwiches. the staff is lackadaisical. the portions are tiny esp for their price. the food is fresh and the bakery bread is good, but its not amazing. before you make the walk, youve been warned.


    I agree that there the possibility for a lot of people to feel the way you do (there is no question that not everyone is going to love it, or think it’s worth the price or the walk).  For example, I think the pizza is delicious, but it is very expensive for a small slice, and it’s not going to be worth it for the person who would rather pay half the price for a great slice of regular pizza.  The Duck Egg Sandwich, on the other hand, is perfectly constructed, and worth every penny of the $6 it costs- for a person who is into that kind of sandwich.  And when you consider the price of the ingredients that go into it, I think it is a totally resonable price to pay for the size.  -zach

  • I went here today and they have a whole new line-up of sandwiches from last time I visited. And guess what? THEY ARE EVEN BETTER! Price is now $6.25 but it still clocks in under $10 with a Limonada. Try the mozz w. spicy eggplant – wonderful.

  • well, i guess inflation is hitting hell’s kitchen a little harder than everywhere else because the ridiculously good cured beef sandwich i just had was $6.50. they did give me a sample of the blueberry bread pudding, and considering how ridiculously good that was, it more than made up for the 25 cent sandwich increase. oh, and the park on 10th ave sucks (traffic and crazies), try the garden around the corner on 38th btw 9th and 10th. it’s key access, but the sign on the gate reads “anyone welcome as long as there is a key holder present.” there have always been a few people in there when i’ve walked by, so chances are good.

  • the rice ridding pastry is insanely good too

    Looks like a Chinese “dan tat” but at 5x the price

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