At Lunch Now: Biriyani Cart Brings More Chapati Rolls


I stopped by the Biriyani Cart on 46th & 6th today to see if a) the claims that they sold out of Chapati Rolls yesterday was true, and b) to see if they adjusted for today. I discovered that they did indeed sell out (although it turned out to be only 150 rolls, not the 300 mentioned by the commenter). To prepare for today, they brought enough to make 200 rolls… so you should be ok! The guy told me they normally sell 100 rolls at most, so yesterday was quite a surprise. “I don’t know what happened yesterday”, he said. “Somebody must have wrote something about us, or something.”

Now if only they could teach the Jamaican Dutchy Cart a little something about adjusting to meet demand…


  • this is wrong to say for 53rd and 6th ave are the best chicken over rice cart…….. i wants you to try chicken over rice this place (46th and 6th ave. Biriyani cart

  • I was on my way to Kati Roll today but saw the cart and was intrigued even though the biriyani wasn’t offered today. I got the chicken tikka masala and it was pretty much inedible. I think I’ll stick to Kati Roll and pay a few $ more…

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