A New Ranch 1, Daisy May’s, Blue Pig Ice Cream and more…

Here’s a few bits of Midtown Lunch’ing news you may be interested in…  


1.  A new Ranch 1 just opened up on 41st btw. 6th & B’way.  It’s one of those split, Ranch1/Metro Deli places like the one I first wrote about on 46th St.  There is no giant chicken handing out samples of himself, but I hear that yesterday they were giving away $2 off coupons.


2.  In an effort to capitalize on the business of the now closed Kiroii Hana, the deli next store has now started selling sushi out of a fridge on the street.  Very resourceful!  Too bad it didn’t look that good…

3. I walked by the location of the new Blue Pig Ice Cream, and it looks like they are almost there.  The guy there said it would be open next week.  Just in time.  Today’s high:  83.

Daisy May’s, a new Muffaletta and more after the jump…

4.  I have never eaten at Metro before, but they seem to be doing their hardest to change that.  First it was the Croque Monsieur, now they’ve got a Muffaletta.  It’s almost as if they’re designing sandwiches just for me!  Anybody had this one yet?  After all the making fun of Metro, I may have to actually suck it up and go to one…

5.  Sophie’s Cuban is now offering frequent dining cards.  Eat 10 meals, get one free.  Eat 10 meals, get one DINNER free.  Apparently it can only be used after 3pm!  Damned fine print… (thanks to Jordan for pointing this out)

6.  Ho Yip is now Sun Yip.  Someone pointed the sign change out to me awhile ago, but you couldn’t see it because of the construction.  Not sure the reason for the change, but good for them!  The 2:15pm price drop on the buffet is still in place… and that’s all that really matters.

7.  Ollie’s in Times Square is closed.  I went there once, and ordered a pork bun.  They said it would take 20 minutes since they were frozen.  I walked out.

7.  And finally, the Daisy May’s BBQ cart is still out comission… and the owners have no idea when it will be back.  But, when it does- there will only be one, and it will be the location on 50th btw. 6+7th Ave.


If you have any Midtown Lunch’ing news or tips, send them to zach@midtownlunch.com


  • What on earth is an olive pocket? And turkey on a hot muffaletta? I think I’ll pass…

    It can’t be any worse than Two Boots’ Muffaletta.  At least this one has olive spread.  -zach

  • thanks for answering my question about daisey may’s

  • Beware of the fine print on the Sophies card— they give them to you at lunch time so you think that after you buy 10 lunches, you get one free. However, you can only use your free lunch after 3pm.

    Bastards!!!  I think I need to update the post…  -zach

  • The Ollie’s on 43rd and 7th & 8th moved. It’s now at 42nd between 9th and 10th.

  • Just talked on phone with DaisyMae BBQ. They claimed to have a menu online but there is no website for daisymaebbq.com. Can you help?


    It’s http://www.daisymaysbbq.com/  -zach

  • The Blue Pig on 43rd between 3rd & Lex is open as of today. Tasty!

  • Blue Pig is pretty generic. Not that great. And $3.25 for a scoop!

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