At Lunch Now: Go Go Curry Closed!!!

Scheduled maintenence or something broken? I’m not sure, but either way
they’re closed. The huge contraption outside is what they use to make
the curry sauce. What a huge disappointment. The owner said he’d like
be back open this afternoon, but I’d call ahead.

A lot of disappointed people walking away from the store ready for thei
$5 Katsu special…


  • I was gonna go today too! Good thing I checked here first.

  • Count me in as one of those disappointed people. I work right around the corner from the place and I was looking forward to trying it out. You’d think a curry place would have the curry machine working right above all other things. :)

  • ‘Prolly ran outa cats.

  • Rudy – got something against Go Go Curry, or are you simply racist? That’s your second cat comment, and both have been equal parts lame and insulting.

  • don’t feed the trolls

  • FYI was open yesterday w/ 5 dollar special. No take out and no delivery until 6/1. Decent curry in the vermont curry style with much better flavor. Medium katsu-curryis a good portion size.

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