At Lunch Now: Go Go Curry pandemonium


Was hoping to check out the new Go Go Curry today (38th btw. 7+8th), but
the line was way too long. Apparently lunch was 55 cents, and to
compound the problem, there was no take-out available… you could only
eat in. According to their website the 55 cent deal lasts until today (or 555 servings)- but the Katsu is $5 for the entire month of May,and it looked and smelled amazing. More on this soon.


  • 55c? Bet there’s not a cat left in the area.

  • my coworkers and i just grabbed a bite there – food was pretty good. can’t beat 55 cents for a nice fried pork cutlet over a bed of rice and some good dark curry. was a bit jarring when the soda cost more than the food.

    also – we just realized that Go Go actually means 55 in japanese…and that it might be named after hideki matsui of the yanks. they even have a special where whenever hideki matsui hits a homer, the next day you get a free topping on your curry.

    but you have to wait until june 1st, when their grand slam meal, toppings, and take out becomes available.

  • If the place is named after Matsui, then why do they have King Kong for a mascot? Shouldn’t it be Godzilla?

  • Did this take over for the Ramen/Udon place? They had good, cheap noodle bowls (pretty close to the kind I had in Japan). I used to go there about once a week and then, all of the sudden, it was gone…


    Yup.  It’s where Ramen King used to be.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the same owner, chef and staff…  -zach

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