Kushi-Q Opening on Thursday (???), A New Rock Center ‘wichcraft, and more…

Here’s some good Midtown Lunch’ing news:

1. Kushi-Q (3rd Ave. btw. 44+45th) -  It looks like Kushi-Q is finally set to open.  According to Zagat.com, tomorrow (5/3) is the big day- but that news was posted two weeks ago.  Based on picture I took yesterday (seen above), I’d be really surprised to see them open tomorrow.  Kushi-Q is a Japanese chain that specializes in healthy grilled skewers.  I don’t know about the healthy part, but I’m all for Asian meat on a stick.  More on this tomorrow.

2. ‘wichcraft (Multiple Locations in Midtown) – According to Grub Street, Tom Collichio’s sandwich shop ‘wichcraft is planning on opening their third Midtown location in the food concourse underneath Rockefeller Center.  Just what that food court needs… more overpriced sandwiches.

3. Maharaja (on 45th btw. 3+Lex), one of my favorite Indian places in Midtown East, has decided to end all confusion by replacing their “Hurry & Tasty Curry” awning, with a boring Maharaja Awning.  It may be more accurate, but nothing says good, and fast Indian food, like a giant sign that read “Hurry & Tasty Curry”

That’s not all…  new info on the Korean Cart front, after the jump…

4. A new menu went up at the Bulgogi Cart on 49th btw. 6+7th.  The Bulgogi Sandwich has doubled in price, from $1 to $2, but there’s a good reason (of course).  It’s now the Bulgogi Melt.  Um… that makes sense for the Tuna Sandwich, but Bulgogi- with cheese???  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  (I think I’ve just about written this cart off…)

If you have any Midtown news to report, or suggestions of places I haven’t been to yet, email me at zach@midtownlunch.com

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  • I walked by Kushi-Q on my way to Bayan (that’s for the tip, my lunch rocked) today and was tempted in by the short line and clean decor, but the skewers which are precooked and sitting on platters before they are served looked a bit dry. I might drop in and try it some other day, but they just didn’t look that appetizing today.

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