At (Late) Lunch Now: 3pm at the Jamaican Dutchy

You’ll be happy to know that even at 3pm there is a line at the Jamaican
Dutchy on 51st just E of 7th ave. I was also told that to get served
around Noon, you have to get in line at 11:30am. There is no escaping
the line… eventually I’ll get around to writing about the food.


  • Okay, I got there at 11:10 today and I STILL ended up waiting half an hour. Food was not ready until 11:30 (by which time there was already a very long line), so the line did not starting crawling until then either. But perhaps what’s more alarming is that the jerk I had today tastes nothing like the jerk I had a couple days ago. So there is some variability in the cooking, which to me is offputting. And the jerk sauce is absolutely SCORCHING today. Way too spicy — I’m sweating bullets here and my mouth is on fire — and I handle my spicy food like a champ.

    Also, the beef patties are no great shakes. They taste just like beef patties you can get at any other pizzeria or lunch joint.

    So these are not good developments…

  • postmortem: today’s lunch was NOT enjoyable. i won’t be going back for awhile…

  • got in line at 1130, took a little under an hour to get our food but it was well worth the wait. while we were in line we were joking about how we wouldnt be going back but after eating the food we have already made plans to go back tomorrow

    too good

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