At Lunch Now: Jamaican Dutchy at 1 Week Old

Finally the line is getting shorter… If you haven’t been following the
saga, here’s the lowdown. Monday, new Jamaican cart pops up on 51st
just East of 7th ave. By Tuesday, the line is long and service is
excrutiatingly slow.

Wednesday, I wait for 45 minutes. The food is great, but the service
needs to improve. They have no system in place, too many items on the
menu, and not enough people helping. Did I mention the part about no

The cart is state of the art (with a flat screen that was playing Bob
Marley today!), but the system of serving food was and is still,
At least the lines are a little bit shorter and they’ve added a third
person in the cart. (Although, since I’ve been standing here, the line
is now twice as long.)

This cart has the potential be a Midtown powerhouse… when are they
going to get it together.


  • ya gotta take ‘tings easy man,waddle to a diff stand if ya cant handle da karma.

  • Rudy,
    “blouse and skirt!” Tell that to me boss who want me to work and not take ‘tings easy!

  • went today and it was excellent. got a small jerk chicken, which brought plenty of heat (although it tasted different from the jerk i’ve had at manna on 125th st — which is juicier and more marinated/steamed, not as dry) and filled me up nice and good. i got there at 12 sharp and walked away with my food at 12:40. a lady who got her food at 12 (just as i got there) said she had been waiting since 11:30. so even if you go way early like this lady did, expect to still wait about half an hour, i guess.

  • I would bet my left arm that this is the same guy that used to be in lower Manhattan by WTC and then financial district. Food is awesome.He was also by Police Plaza.

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