At Lunch Now: Day 2- New Jamaican Cart Mobbed


Are you kidding me? Day 2 and this cart already has a 20 person line at 12:30… and it’s not cheap either ($7 to $12 depending on what you order). They did remember the oil today, so there are plantians and beef patties to be had (if you don’t mind waiting).

Apparently they underestimated what the response would be to Jamaican food in Midtown so they are practically making things to order. They plan on getting there earlier tomorrow, and making a lot more food in advance. Tomorrow it is!

Anybody bother waititng on the line to actually try the food today?


  • I got there at 1:00pm and waited til about 1:35. People in line were buzzing about the food (apparently they had tried it yesterday or heard from someone who did) and the consensus was that if you’re gonna wait that long for Jamaican food, you’d better get the can’t miss “Jerk Chicken.” So I got the Jerk Chicken “mini-meal” for $4 (even though it says $5 on the menu). The mini-meal is an order of rice and beans, about 5 or 6 small pieces of a drumstick or thigh cut up (bone-in) and some sauteed cabbage and carrots on the side. They pack it in those small styrofoam cartons that is the size of a hamburger. When I finally got to the front of the line, the jerk chicken wasn’t quite ready yet and was still on the grill, so I had to wait another 5 mins. He took it fresh off the grill and chopped up some pieces with a cleaver and put it in my container piping hot. I even asked him to add more jerk chicken sauce on top to give it some more kick. The food was EXCELLENT. The chicken was perfectly spiced and marinated in jerk seasoning. The rice and beans were also spiced, although it was a little dry. You should ask for some jerk sauce directly on the rice. My only complaint (as with any “street meat”) is that the quality of chicken was not great. The pieces I got had way too much fat on them and not a lot of meat. It was also very greasy (even though it was grilled chicken, it must have been marinating in oil). It was certainly worth the $4, but I doubt I’d pay much more than that for the quality and quantity of food I got.

    Note: If you get the $7 Jerk Chicken meal, you’ll get plaintains along with more chicken and rice and beans. The lady in front of me ordered the “Stewed Chicken” mini-meal and it looked delicious.

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