Naples 45 (aka The Pizza Deal of the Century… if you can hold out)

As you can tell, lunch time is very sacred for me.  I am definitely not one of those “whenever I have time to go” kind of lunch people.  With me, it’s more of an “Only 17 minutes left until the socially acceptable lunchtime of Noon” kind of thing.  I still don’t understand how people can forget to eat lunch.  I don’t care how busy I am, I could never forget lunchtime.  In fact, if I haven’t eaten by 1pm, there’s a decent chance I’ll just pass out.  I’ve never tested this theory, but I’m pretty sure that’s what would happen.

Of course, there are occasions when I do go for a “late lunch”.  Usually these days coincide with times when there is some sort of free food in the kitchen to serve as a mid-morning snack, or I’ve eaten a late or extra large breakfast.  On these days, I get to take advantage of all the late lunch specials that midtown has to offer.  If you can wait to eat, there are some great deals to be had in Midtown and hands down, my favorite is Ho Yip.  I have a soft spot for cheap chinese food, and I love by the lb. buffets- but the price always kills me.  Ho Yip solves this by lowering their price after 2:15pm.  A great deal, and my favorite place to eat a late lunch.  I’ve also heard that alot of chain delis charge less for pre-packaged sandwiches at a certain time.   

A few months ago, a reader tipped me off to another one of these late lunch specials.  Naples 45, a nice sit down pizza place in Midtown, lowers their take out slices to $1.25 after 2pm.  For months I have been waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of this deal… and finally last week I was looking for something to eat around 2pm- so I headed over to Naples 45 to check it out.

What I found, pizza porn and the +/- after the jump…

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Naples 45.  99 Cent Fresh Pizza on 43rd btw. Lex+3rd Ave. is hands down the best Pizza deal in Midtown… but it’s 99 cent pizza.  Great for the price, but not the best pizza you’ve ever had.  Charge the standard Midtown rate ($2-$2.50) and there probably wouldn’t be many takers.  Plus there are no toppings… just cheese.  I was banking on Naples 45 to be different.  These are slices that normally cost $2.75 apiece.  The cheapness is only related to the time of day… so in theory, the pizza should be great.

Well, I have to say, my expectations were totally met.  To find the cheap pizza, you have to enter through the doors of 200 Park Ave.  Once inside the lobby of the building, you’ll find a two door entrance into Naples 45.  The main dining room to the left, or the to go area on the right.  In the to go area, you’ll find a number of different square pies, all for $1.25 a slice after 2pm.  And here’s the best part of the deal- the slices have toppings.  And some of them have a lot of toppings.  On the day I was there, they had the standard mozarella, red sauce and basil- in addition to a white pizza, a roasted vegetable pizza, a pepperoni pizza and a ham with mozzarella pizza.  All of them, $1.25 a slice.

With toppings like pepperoni, fresh mozzarella and ham, the pizza doesn’t even have to taste that good for $1.25 a slice… but these pies happen to be pretty tasty.   And the slices are not skimpy either.  Each pie is cut into 6 fairly generous sized pieces (bigger than the Sullivan St. Bakery pizza).  The only negative thing I can say is that the crust on the outside of the pizza was not as good as the crust below the cheese and toppings- so if given the opportunity I would definitely request a center slice of whatever pie you order.

My biggest fear about the pizza deal at Naples 75 was that the deal was meant to get rid of pizza they hadn’t sold during lunch, so a) the pizza wouldn’t be fresh, and b) it would run out quickly.  Both of these fears were unfounded, because- and here’s another great thing- the pizza deal lasts from 2pm to 8pm!!!  That’s right… they keep bringing out fresh pies, and selling the slices for $1.25, until 8pm… making this not only the best late lunch deal in Midtown- but also the best early dinner meal.  (And of course, let’s not forget about the all important mid-day snack!)



THE + (what someone who likes this place would say)

  • $2.75 pizza, for $1.25
  • The pizza has really sweet toppings (unlike other cheap pizza in Midtown, which is usually just cheese)
  • I really like square pizza
  • Did I mention it’s only $1.25?

THE – (what someone who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • You have to wait until 2pm for the cheaper price to kick in
  • I’d rather pay extra and get the square pizza from the Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck
  • I hate a great deal (???)

Naples 45 To Go, 200 Park Ave. (45th btw. Park+Vanderbilt), 212-972-7001


  • I always crack up when I go right at 2 because there will be a small crowd of very well-dressed businessmen just waiting to pounce. But who doesn’t love a great deal, especially one this tasty! And the slices are so huge!

  • Nice! Thanks for the tip. What’s the cheese like? Is it too greedy of me to wish for fresh mozzarella?

  • Can you write an entry highlighting ALL of places in midtown that have reduced price deals after a certain time (i.e. Naples 45 and Ho Yip)? Much to my dismay, I recently discovered Pranzo (typical midtown deli) on 49th btw 6th/7th Ave stopped it’s 1/2 price sushi deal after 3pm!!!

  • Pranzo stopped their 1/2 sushi deal????? Cheap bastards……I second Eric’s idea about the reduced price deal entry’s

  • A friend of mine took me to this place on 34th St. next to 8th Avenue over the weekend. I forgot the name of the place but it’s a Chinese place that looks like a cafeteria. It’s stuck between a Wendys and a Burger King so it may be easy to miss. After 5PM, you can get any of their 5 choices for only $4. If you are looking for cheap deals, see if you will like this one.


    The place you are talking about is called the “Lunch Box”.  Of course, you already know that because you have posted 4 comments about this place, all pretending to be someone else.  Just come out and admit that you work for the place!  There’s no shame in that.  I’ve actually been meaning to make it down there for awhile now (I do love cheap chinese food)… so ease up on the fake comments!!!  :-)  -zach

    (If you are a random commenter, who just happens to have the exact same IP address as the the person who made 4 other comments about this place, I apologize)

  • thanks for the tip! I sometimes end up eating lunch around 2… at which point my famished coworker looks over at me and says “you didn’t eat yet??!?!?” in disbelief. :-)

    Your site is great !! :)

  • Can anyone confirm their free pizza during happy hour deal? It’s listed as a “current promotion” on their website but who knows when it was last updated ( I’m not a big drinker, but I am a pizza-holic, and can’t argue with using a pizza as a chaser. Thanks in advance!

  • The 6pm pizza was a little tough. Tasty and still 1.25 but not buenisimo.

  • Bwahahahahahh I’m sorry but that comment you called out for working there cracked me up hahahahahahaha

  • i can’t believe i’ve never seen your site before. this is what i get for moving from tech support to teaching kindergarten–i lose my finger on the pulse of the world! thank you for your diligent pursuit of the good things in lunch. your expertise and hound-doggedness is much needed.

  • good tip!

  • The price is now $1.50…which puts the price of two slices with tax over $3.00…still a good deal, but not the same magic.

  • Was just about to post the same thing…$1.50! Damn inflation!

  • This is still a hot deal and by far the best pizza in midtown at any price. And yes, the slices are ginormous.
    Does anyone know which cheeses they use on their 4 cheese pies other than parm and fresh mozz?

  • Just tried it. It was OK, but because they didn’t heat it, it tasted like I was eating leftovers.

  • $1.50!%!*! Are you serious ? Just when some thing good comes along….I am stick to .99 cent on 43rd btw Lex and 3rd. The only issue there is that the a pie is $8.00 not $7.92….we tried complaining but they want to justify the .08 cents as the cost of the Box…offered to bring our own, but they would not budge…

  • just went here, and it was delicious! $1.63 for a plain slice. tasted in the style of lombardi’s coal oven. $2.25 + tax for a plain slice and a can of soda.

  • Needed a quick pizza fix and remembered your mention of this late lunch special. Guess what?? A price was $1.70… $1.90 with tax. True, it was tasty… but the “magic” is definitely gone. And i’m sorry, the price of oil to blame is bogus.. they are just milking the attention your site gave ‘em. That’s my opinion. Even worse, i’m stil hungry… grrrrr… :<

  • the price has gone up to 1.75 plus tax. just to give a heads up

  • I stopped by last night, and while at $1.75, it’s still a pretty good deal, I thought the staff was pretty unpleasant, and the roasted vegetables on one of them were the saltiest thing I’d ever eaten, including salt.

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