At Lunch Now: Mandlers Sausage Co. Finally Opens in Midtown


No rain is keeping me from the grand opening of Mandler’s on 8th ave. btw 38+39th. On Monday they got the thumbs up from ConEd and the DOH, so today at Noon the first sausage was served. (I had to settle for the second one, a bockworst with onions and mushrooms- but I did get the first order of Zucchini fries! And yes, I am insane.)

It is as promised. Every kind of sausage you can imagine, 8 different dipping sauces to choose from, zucchini fries and corn fritters! Check out the menu at – a gameplan is definitely required…


  • I went out in the rain for Hallo Berlin cart. Prob won’t make it that far south for lunch unless I am on my way home. I live close to Union Square, so I’ll prob try that one before I make it to 38th & 8th.


    Yeah, I don’t blame you.  A full +/- is coming soon, but my early sense is, for pure sausage goodness, Hallo Berlin can’t be beat (especially if you work near the cart)… but if you want side orders (like fries, fried zucchini, etc.) and a wide variety of mustards and toppings in a fast food/sit down setting, Mandler’s will be a great choice.

  • Ah, I missed the opening! How was it? I’ll be there tomorrow for sure :)

  • I believe I got the first order of corn fritters! Every bit was delicious. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside!

  • holy crap the corn fritters are amazing i just got them

    i would recommend avoiding the multi-grain bread for the sandwiches as it’s very dry. I guess that is my fault for ordering multi grain bread in the first place though.

  • sausage was good and liked the corn fritters and zucchini fries. they had a major water leak today in the restaurant that was a mess but will give them benefit of the doubt for being the 2nd day.

  • those zucchini fries are pretty awesome. i’ve been on a mission to not eat at the same place twice (35 work days an counting), but i may need to go back here to get try corn fritters.

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