At Lunch Now: Menchanko Tei

What the hell is going on? Yesterday it was 70 degrees, now it’s 40. Only one thing for lunch on a day like this! Not too many options are better than the Hakata Ramen at Menchanko Tei. We’re at the one on 55th btw 5+6th, but there is also one on 45th btw. Lex+3rd.


  • Oo I was at the 45th St. location yesterday – I love this place.

    Anyway, I passed by a lady selling tamales from a cooler on 38th St. between Park and Madison. I’m chowing down on a tamale with chicken and green sauce as we speak. It was right outside the Mexican? consulate. The guy in front of me ordered pork and chicken tamales, and a cup of lovely-smelling arroz con leche from a cooler. If I weren’t so fat, I would have gotten that too.

  • A bit sickly green looking…..however the Spam / bacon and sausage stew at Kunjip rocked today.


    Yeah… the picture came out looking pretty gross.  The camera on my phone sucks with low-light.  I assure you it looked delicious in person!  -zach

  • i love menchanko! they have a great kimchee ramen.

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