Midtown Sausage Setback? “Leakage” threatens to push Mandler’s Opening Back

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So I want to clear up any confusion among those of you who might have seen the Mandler’s posting on Thursday afternoon.  Around 3pm I received this email:

From: “Gil Mandler”
To: “Zach Brooks” zach@midtownlunch.com
Subject: RE: Mandlers.com Contact
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 11:53:33 -0700

Hi Zach,

I’m glad you emailed me; we’ve actually had some minor set backs so we are pushing the opening back one week. I’ll let you know if something new arises.


… and posted this on the blog: 

I reported last Friday that Mandler’s is opening a Midtown branch on 9th Ave. btw. 39th & 40th.  They were trying to be ready for this Monday the 19th, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen.  As of right now, the opening has been pushed back one week to Monday, March 26th. 

That means 11 more days before sausage, zucchini fries, corn fritters, potato pancakes, and a serve yourself mustard bar in Midtown.  Check out the menu for yourself and get excited.  There goes my plans for Monday!   If anything changes, I’ll let you know…

Well apparently things have indeed changed! There was leakage in the basement that threatened to push the Mandler’s opening to the 23rd.  Shortly after the post went up, they seemed to have found a solution to the problem, and fully intend on opening this Monday (“barring any new surprises”). 

All this toying with my emotions is just wrong.  C’mon people- I’m just a fat man who wants to eat sausage.  Wait- that doesn’t sound right…  let me re-phrase that.  I’m just a fat man who wants to eat corn fritters & zucchini fries (with a sausage).  Mildly better.

Anyway, the short of it is.  Mandler’s.  Midtown.  Opening this Monday.  (Hopefully.)  If it does, I will be there!

UPDATE: Monday, March 19th.  Mandler’s is NOT open yet.  When it opens, I will let you know.

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