At Lunch Now: Sophie’s Cuban 12:20

Life is good… free oxtails with morros (rice and black beans already mixed together). Choose from baked chicken, spicy grilled chicken with onions, beef stews, roast pork and more They also give you free bottled water. There’s a band playing music in the back… but it’s way too loud. Time to head back to work…


  • Line at Sofie’s was ridiculous – you are a trooper!
    So had a cold ramen at Mein Kui Tei.

  • the line moved really fast… i got the spicy chicken, then sat outside the apple store and ate it. delcious! and perfect weather today, too.

  • Darn it. This was the day I have been waiting for months to happen and I’m out of the city. Thanks for the pic of the food. At least I can live through you.

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