Free McCoffee Day!!!!

I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in a long long time, but man are they doing their best to get me back in there.  First the “Snacker”, which looks freakin’ awesome (a piece of fried chicken wrapped in a tortilla… come on!!!)- and now this…

All today (Thurday, March 8th) McDonald’s will be giving out free cups of coffee at all of their locations to anyone who asks for it.  I can’t turn down free stuff… so it may be hard not to make the most of my first visit to McDonald’s in years.  How do you think a Snacker will taste with a cup of coffee???



To find a McDonalds near your office go here


  • Yeah, MMM! Free Rat Coffee!

  • I got it with an ice cream cone in a cup. So far pretty good, but I don’t do sugar so I’m not having the true MCcoffee experience…

  • Wow, the Starbucks vs. McDonalds coffee rivalry is getting pretty serious.

    Exactly one week from today, from 10-noon every Starbucks will give away ‘tall’ coffees.


    Hey man!  Why you gotta go and ruin my post for next Thursday?!?!  -zach

  • You never had a ZINGER at your high school or college. At my High School, Sodexo (evil food distributer) use to sell zingers which are exactly like the McDonald snack wrap but with double portion size. mmmmm. Also sometimes still frozen chicken.

  • Hey… Sodexho is the company that runs my firm’s cafeteria… I wonder why we don’t get zingers!

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