The Midtown Lunch Valentine’s Day Spectacular!

It’s Valentine’s Day… and whether you look forward to it (you are a woman with someone special in your life) or whether you dread it (every man alive), there is no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself, or the person you are with to something special.  And who says that special meal can’t be lunch?!  That’s right… there are plenty of romantic Midtown lunch options for that special Valentine’s Day meal.  Dinner is a total cliche…  Romantic lunch during work is where it’s at!  So, here is my list of Romantic Midtown Lunches, divided into two groups… the first is places for guys to take that special woman in your life- and the second list is where the ladies should take their men (if they want to keep them!).

For your lady:


1. Oms/b (45th btw. Lex+3rd).  Rice balls.  The perfect little romantic meal.  The place is small too, so you are practically sitting on top of each other while enjoying these tasty little treats.  Each rice ball is like a work of art, so you can claim it as a trip to a museum as well…

2. Bouchon Bakery (Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle).  Beautiful sandwiches and salads crafted by Thomas Keller.  Lord knows you’re not taking her to Per Se for dinner, might as well give her the closest thing to it (and at 1/1000 the price).  Eat in the dining room (under the romantic Samsung sign), or just order your lunch to go, and eat at the tables in front of the counter.  The hard part will be getting out of the Time Warner center without her seeing the Coach store…



3. Dishes (45th btw. Mad+5th).  It’s like the fancy Metro… for the girl who has to have a salad for lunch.  Take her there, and tell her she can have whatever she wants!  (Even the super expensive Buffet by the lb.) Such a treat!  What a great boyfriend you are…

Ladies… now it’s your turn.  The perfect Valentine’s Day lunch places to take your man, after the jump…

For your man…



1.  Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien (56th btw. 6+7th).  It’s a perfect compromise. Burger (for him) inside a fancy hotel (for you).  And it’s small and romantic, in that guy kind of way (which is code for there is a TV, and a Playboy Bunny poster on the wall).

2.  Any All You Can Eat Buffet (Various Locations).  So romantic… to me.  I’m a Fat man.  I like to eat, and what better way to do it, than at an all you can eat buffet.  I really hope my wife reads this today…



3.  Hawaiian Tropic Zone (49th & 7th Ave.).  Buck up, and take your boyfriend where you know he wants to go!  Fancy Pu Pu platters, and girls in bikinis… it’s like heaven.  And keep this in mind ladies… a girlfriend who is willing to take her man to a place like the HTZ, will not be ring-less for long!


Who says you have to be with someone to treat yourself to a nice meal on Valentine’s day!  There’s no shame in going to Oms/b or Bouchon Bakery with some single friends from work and treating yourself!  That goes for you too guys.  It’s a perfect day for the H.T. Zone!!!!  (I’m pretty sure you won’t be the only single guy there…)


  • “And keep this in mind ladies… a girlfriend who is willing to take her man to a place like the HTZ, will not be ring-less for long!”

    i certainly do not want to be with a man that would like me better if i took him to a sexist place to eat, that has mediocre food. but burger joint…now you’re talkin’.

  • LOL… I can’t bring myself to take anyone to HTZ, though I’d go to Hooters… at least Hooters is cheap. Though I’ve never been to a Hooters with actual hot waitresses. Gross.

  • Hey Midtown Lunch,
    Your blog is one of my absolute favorites. I love that someone else is so committed to hunting down decent meals in the gastronomic wasteland that Midtown initially appears to be. You give fantastic recommendations and have a really great sense of humor.
    Just one little thing, I know that your Valentine’s Day suggestions were meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek, but do keep in mind when writing reviews that just because someone is female, doesn’t mean they don’t love a cheesy, meaty, fatty meal or appreciate cheap places. I would rather a greasy pulled pork sandwich anyday over a frou frou rice or salad dish (and I would never go for something as pointless and airheaded-trendy as a coach bag, $19.00 h&m bags seem to hold my stuff just as well).
    Also good to remember, (esp. since we’re in NYC), that when it comes to romantic date lunches, there are scads of men who will be taking their men out, and scads of ladies who will be taking their ladies out!

  • i’m incredibly disappointed and surprised by how sexist this post is. midtown lunch is one of my favorite blogs, and i’m reluctant to read it again after this. your assumptions of women are not only insulting and demeaning, but your post is laden with assumptions of the social class of people who would be in midtown. if you think any self-respecting woman would pander to a man who only wants to see other women in bikinis, you’re sorely mistaken. this whole post is infuriating. i doubt i’ll be visiting again.

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