BREAKING NEWS: Katie Couric Ruins Australia Day at the Tuck Shop…

Australia Day at the Tuck Shop was a little hectic today during lunchtime (and not in the good way you’d expect).  The whole back of the Cyber Cafe (where there are usually tables) was packed with TV equipment, there was nowhere to sit, and the the Ashes were not being played (as promised).  Not quite the party we were expecting (although I still managed to enjoy my delicious, but lukewarm, Thai Chicken Curry Pie).  Normally the pies are awesome, so I was pretty surprised- until I got this explanation from one of the owners:

Disaster struck in the form of Katie Couric who at the last moment
overtook the cyber cafe for an interview and guaranteed she’d be finished
interviewing by 12:30.  Unfortunately the crew decided that they’d take
lunch before clearing the space, hence all the camera shit around.
We were also not able to screen the Ashes due to Katie’s crew.
The pies sold so quickly that we were unable to get them to the right
temperature before serving. 

I would like to extend my unreserved apologies to you and all your readers.

To make it up to your readers, print this webpage out and bring it to the Tuck Shop all next week for a 10% discount (on all pies from the Tuck Shop).

There is still time for Australia Day to be saved!  Stop by on your way home from work and enjoy a pie until 8pm!  (“Coupon” is only good next week 1/29-2/2)

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