What does TONY know about Pizza???

I don’t eat a ton of Pizza for lunch, so I haven’t written about too many pizza places.  In my view, it’s hard to go horribly wrong ordering a slice of pie in this city.  Sure there are better slices than others- but there aren’t too many horrible slices- even in Midtown.  And if you think that isn’t true- try living in L.A. for two years.  One of the only decent slices I had there was from a place that claimed to fly their water in twice a week from New York City… and it wasn’t even that good.  Of course, if you are crazy enough to fly your water in from another city just to make pizza, you are creating expectations that are going to be too great to overcome.  (“Really?  They flew in water from New York and it tastes like this???”) 

Well, if you are one of those people who only eats the “best” pizza this city has to offer Time Out New York has just released their Pizza issue.  Ironically enough, I was planning on writing about Two Boots today- the New Orleans/Italy (hence the “Two Boots”) pizza place with locations all over NYC (and two in Midtown)… but it wasn’t even mentioned (not even in the “Oddball” category).  Anyway, New Yorkers love arguing about what’s the best pie in the city.  In fact, the “Best Hamburger” argument that has been raging lately is probably just people who got sick of arguing about the best slice.  Rather than re-hash it all, I’ll just point out the Midtown slices worthy of Tony’s mention.

The list, after the jump…

TOP TEN SLICES:  Not surprisingly Midtown is not heavily represented here- but I was surprised to find one Midtown joint (and one other place that we could sort of claim as Midtown- although truthfully it’s a little too far west)

  • #3 – Sullivan St. Bakery – 47th St. btw. 10th & 11th -  This place is right around the corner from where I live, so I can attest to how great it is.  I think #3 slice in the city is a little crazy (especially considering that you usually don’t even get it hot), but some of the slices are heavenly.  My favorite of these square “Roman style” slices is the potato (it’s carbed topped carbs… and it’s amazing!!!!).  If you ever have a chance to head that extra few avenues west- it’s worth the walk.
  • #9 – Lazzara’s Pizza Cafe – 38th St. btw. 7+8th -  That’s right bitches!  The #9 slice in the city is smack dab in the middle of Midtown.  I’ve actually never been to this place, but TONY says the rectangular slices are “covered with delicious, tangy sauce, and a perfect square of melted mozzarella” just like “grandma” would make.  I think I will have to check it out…

None of the “Classics” were in Midtown, or the oddballs- although Krunch Pizza (which I wrote about when it first opened) is mentioned (2nd ave. btw 51st and 52nd).

Not surprisingly, where we shine is in the “Cheap and Cheesy” Category and the “Famous Ray’s Category”.  Three of the six slices in the cheap category are on the Western outskirts of Midtown… although based on the descriptions- none of the slices are that great, they are just cheap:

  • Halal Pizza & Bakery – 8th ave. & 36th st. – Only $1.75, it’s the only slice mentioned that could be considered a “Midtown Lunch”
  • Two Guys Pizza – 36th btw. 10th & 11th — A little to far to be considered truly in Midtown… if you’re going to venture this far west, do it for Sullivan St. Bakery (although at $1.75 these slices are are much cheaper)
  • 99 Cent Fresh Pizza — 9th Ave. & 41st. — This is actually one of my favorite places in the city.  I live in Hell’s Kitchen and do a lot of my food shopping on 9th ave. in the high 30s (great fish markets, meat markets, and a spice market), so I have partaken in this 99 cent slice often.  In fact, it has sparked the “Is a slice of pizza a snack” argument between my wife and I countless times.  (Obviously I say yes.  If something is $1 it automatically can be considered a snack!!!!)

And… Midtown has got 3 of the Ray’s pizza joints mentioned in the article:

  • Most Strange-yet-delicious two-topping combo: Famous Original Ray’s on Lex. btw. 62nd & 63rd.  The toppings are broccoli and bacon.
  • Where you’d most likely spot Diddy or his manservant:  Famous Original Ray’s on Broadway btw. 54+55th.  Bad Boy Entertainment is in the same building.
  • Finest collection of out of focus celebrity photos:  Famous Original Ray’s on 8th btw. 51+52nd.  They’ve got shots of John Travolta, Bob Saget, Keanu Reeves and more.


Surprisingly they left off the one slice in Midtown I would consider being worthy of praise…  Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck.   If for no other reason, it should be mentioned because it’s cooked and served from a truck!  How sweet is that?

Got your favorite slice in Midtown?  Post it as a comment below- and let the arguments begin!!!!


  • what about patsy’s? there’s one on 60th between 3rd and 2nd (closer to 3rd). does that still count as midtown?

    they really do make a good, underrated pie.

  • I think there’s a truck around here that sells pizza… I never considered that they might make it in there too but that’s kind of gross if they don’t. I don’t eat at most of the carts around here- too many and too uncertain how it’ll react on my stomach. Though there IS a Daisy May’s Cart somewhere around here…
    As for pizza, I’m standing by Adrienne’s (which isn’t in midtown).

  • for where i work, i like little italy (43rd between 5th and madison)…bravo pizza (42nd between 5th and madison) is ok too.

  • I need to try this pizza truck out! I like Ray’s on Prince.. and my old boss raved like mad about Ben’s on Spring [about their Sicilian slices].

  • oh! i totally know what you mean about how it’s hard to go wrong with pizza in NY. I usually refuse to eat pizza when I’m outside of New York. I do like the Hawaiian pizza from the Canadian Pizza Pizza chain though..

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