Village Voice: Best of NYC gives Midtown it’s due!!!

I totally missed the Village Voice: Best of NYC issue that came out last week… and it’s a shame too because they wrote about a bunch of Midtown places- many of which I hadn’t heard about.  Yesterday was the last day to pick up the issue, so if you missed it- here’s a breakdown of some of the Midtown eats they recommended:

Best Unexpected Outdoor Dining:  Taam TovThe balcony overlooking the bustling Diamond District street is one of the cooler things about this Uzbeki Kosher restaurant… although it’s already too cold to eat outside.  Have to wait for the spring for this one…  VV Link

Best Prodigous Pies:  Aron’s. (48th st. btw. 5+6th) I went to Aron’s for the falafel, and it was not that great… but the meat pies (or samsa) they sell outside are delicious.  Apparently the Village Voice agrees.  VV Link

A picture of the pies, and the best place for Okinawan food, rabbit, chicken and korean noodles… all after the jump.


Oy! Okinawan:  Suibi.  It’s a little farther east then we normally travel (53rd btw. 2+3rd) and I don’t even know what makes Okinawan food different then regular Japanese food- but apparently this is the place to find out.  They do have various lunch dishes for take out available ranging from 6-9 bucks. VV Link

Best Baby Chicken:  Colbeh.  I have never heard of this Kosher Iranian restaurant on 39th btw. 5+6th but it sounds awesome.  Based on the prices on Menupages it might be  a little out of Midtown Lunch’s league… but maybe it’s worth checking out to see if they’ve got a cheaper lunch menu.  VV Link

Raunchiest Rabbit:Brasserie Ruhlmann.  This is definitely out of our league… but if you work near Rockefeller Center, have an expense account, and like Rabbit, this one sounds pretty great. VV Link

Coolest Koreatown Noodles: Kum Ryong.  Koreatown is about as far south as I will venture for Midtown Lunch (usually to Arang Buffet, Woorjip, or Mandoo Bar), but maybe this place will have to be added to the list. (32nd btw. Broadway & 5th)  VV Link


  • Aaron’s sells samsa outside? I’ve only ever seen borekas (which are good).

  • Kum Ryong was excellent (hand made fresh noodles all day long) but closed down about two months ago.

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