First Look: (The New?) Sapporo

Sapporo, after being closed for two weeks for “repair work”, finally re-opened this past Friday.  While the food at this Midtown Ramen institution is delicious, I always felt like it was on the “dingy” side (especially when compared to Men Kui Teior Menchenkotei)- but with these “repairs” I was amped for a cleaned up version of one of my favorite Midtown lunch destinations.  Who knows what they would do?  New floors?  New Ramen Bar?  The possibilities were endless… especially considering what it looked like last Thursday afternoon.

Well, yesterday, I finally stopped by for my “First Look” at the new Sapporo…. and was surprised to find, the old Sapporo.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I thought it looked really nice… new tables, new chairs, the light seemed warmer and more inviting.  But then when I got home, and compared the new picture, to the old picture- it looked pretty much the same- (except for some minor changes).

Have you ever played Photo Hunt before?  The touch screen bar game where you have to find the little differences between two pictures before time runs out.  Well, it’s time for the first ever Midtown Lunch Photo Hunt! 

Find the differences between the Old and New Sapporo… after the jump.

The Old Sapporo

The ”New” Sapporo

At first they look pretty much the same… but upon further inspection you can see the little differences that may account for the new found feeling of “niceness”, or at least “nicer-ness”.  They re-painted all the walls, and made the left hand wall look a lot nicer.  The tables and chairs seem newer and nicer (but that might be an illusion), and check out the ceiling.  Totally re-done.  PLUS, the light fixtures were changed from circles to squares.  Don’t know if it has anything to do with the shape… but the lighting does seem warmer and more inviting.

In the end, you might as well feel like it got nicer- because you’re paying for it.  The New Sapporo is a little more expensive…. to the tune of (are you sitting down for this) 25 to 55 cents per item.  The horror!  There’s also a few things on the menu I don’t remember seeing, which I’m eager to try- like the Sauteed Short Rib (Karubi Teishoku).  It might have been there before, and I just never noticed (anybody?).  I’m clearly not very observant…

Anyway… if you haven’t been to Sapporo in awhile, or have never been there before- this is a perfect excuse to check it out.  To some, it will seem the same… but for me- well, I’m ready for some short ribs in the Brand New Sapporo!!!


  • I miss the japanese wall menu tiles along the south wall and above the ramen counter. The place seems a bit colder now, though I appreciate the cleaner conditions.

  • Last summer I went to Sapporo, and two roaches crawled on the wall at separate occasions while we were dining…

    As long as it’s out of sight, it remains out of mind. But the fact that we saw 2 roaches in broad daylight during a busy lunch hour, well, we can’t help but think the place must be infested bad.

    We stopped going… but should I give it another try?

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