Sapporo to re-open today (or will it???)… and the end of the week wrap-up

Apparently the Sapporo redux is totally on schedule.  As reported here on ML, they’ve been renovating for the past two weeks and had claimed that they would re-open today.   Well, these two signs were being put up last night around 6:30pm. 


The signs say they are going to be ready, but from the looks of things inside, they’re cutting it pretty close.  (Though the new chairs wrapped, and stacked in front of the window look lovely!)

A shot of the not quite done “New Look Sapporo”, plus a preview of next week- after the jump…

Here’s what the place looked like as of 6:30pm last night:

I asked the lady hanging the signs if they were planning on working all night to finish- and she said probably, because they were definitely re-opening today at 11am.  We’ll get the pictures of the “New Look” Sapporo, and post them next week.  I’m sure the food will be the same delicious ramen as always…

PLUS, on Monday- “The Midtown Lunch Guide to Eating Lunch During Fashion Week”.  The Fashion iindustry will be invading Bryant Park today, and all of next week- so I am taking it upon myself to recommend some great lunch spots in the area.  As tempting as it sounds, there’s no reason to skip lunch between those fashion shows!   I actually don’t know crap about Fashion Week, or the people who go to it- which will make my Chicken & Rice Cart on 43rd and 6th suggestion that much more hilarious!  You won’t want to miss it… especially if you are attending any of the Bryant Park events!  (Can you read this blog on a Sidekick?)

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