All sorts of free goodies @ Jamba Juice, Midtown Location

More free stuff in Midtown… I never in my life thought I would drink a smoothie- but after spending two years in L.A. I sort of got hooked, thanks to Jamba Juice.  If you’ve never tried one today is the day.  On the cover of the NY Post (not sure if it’s every NY Post or just the ones at this store) there’s coupon for a free smoothie at any participating NYC Jamba Juice location.  Go to the one in Midtown on 7th (or Broadway) btw. 47th & 48th and they are giving out free copies of the NY Post right outside the store (with the free coupon!).  To top it off, on your way out they give you a free Jamba Juice gift card that may have anywhere from $2 to $50 on it.

The coupon is good until September 9th, but the free newspapers and free gift cards are while supplies last (or 11am- whichever comes first).  The coupon works anywhere in NYC, but I’m pretty sure the free gift cards are only at the Midtown Location on Broadway btw. 47th & 48th.  If you have any more info, please post as a comment below.

As always, if you have any info about free food in Midtown… don’t be selfish!  Pass it on to


  • Just went. No more NYPosts and no more free smoothies. =(

    I did see some coupons behind the register…

  • you had to go before 11am.. i read that too late too

  • They were doing it again this morning at the Jamba Juice at 53rd & Broadway

  • My co-worker said she got one yesterday, at the 23rd and 8th avenue Jamba Juice and then today she saw the NY post people handing the newspapers and the coupons on 22nd and Broadway.
    Damn, I’m so pissed I didn’t get one. I looked online too and they don’t have the special coupons. :(

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