Monotony for the Koshers… First Look: Milk N Honey NYC

For many types of eating groups, finding a good lunch in Midtown can be considered pretty difficult.  Foodies, people who like authentic Asian food (Korean & Vietnamese are noticeably absent), people who like Mexican food, or Vegetarians.  But for some eating groups, Midtown is actually a great place to work when it comes to lunch options.  Fast food fans, Halal cart fans, tourists, people who never get sick of eating the same salad or sandwich every single day for lunch, and finally- people who keep kosher. 

If you keep Kosher, there are few places you would find more eating choices then working near the Diamond District.  There are a ton of Kosher lunch options (especially if you are Glatt Kosher- which I understand to mean “super kosher”).  For sit down meals, you can climb a few flights of stairs to one of the kosher restaurants that sit atop a Jewelry store on 45th (like Taam Tov), or go to a take out Kosher Falafel place (like House of Pita on 48th).

But what about those people who keep kosher, but also want the true experience of eating in Midtown.  I’m not talking about the roast pork at Cafe Cello (the reason I could never really be Kosher-although I was Bar Mitzvah’d).  I’m not talking about the shrimp tempura roll at Kikku Sushi.  I’m not even talking about a Cheeseburger from the Burger Joint(washed down with a shake if you want to get real dirty).  I’m talking about the Midtown Deli- because after all, don’t people who keep kosher deserve to suffer the monotony of eating at Deli’s in Midtown along with the rest of us.

Well, now they can!  Milk N’ Honey (or as I like to call it- The Kosher Variety Cafe) is now open on 45th St. btw. 5th & 6th.  Pictures, and the rest of the First Look, after the jump…

They’ve got the “Create Your Own Salad Bar”, the pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, and of course to-go Sushi(!), all under the strict supervision of Rabbi Yisroel P. Gornish.  Plus the requisite knishes, and various smoked fishes.  If you keep kosher, you’d like a sable sandwich, or you’re just looking to meet a nice Jewish girl (or boy for that matter)- check it out, and let us know how the food is.  There’s your first look…

As always, if there’s a new place opening (or an old place closing) near your work- email me at

Milk ‘N Honey, 22 West 45th St., 212-764-4400


  • GREAT TIP! So much to sample, so little time… almost makes me wish I still worked at Rockefeller Center (ALMOST).
    Keep up the great posts!

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