End of the Week Wrap Up… plus New Features!

So I guess the Starbucks at Rock Center was the place to be yesterday… Underground (where it’s cooler), totally inside (so you’re not sweating your ass off) and relatively un-crowded for the Free Starbucks.  Not the one near the subway though:

Those people were morons.  They couldn’t make their way 100 yards to the Starbucks near the Rink Cafe where there was no more then a 5 minute wait for the first half hour of the promotion:

Of course all of the people in these pictures were smarter then anyone who actually ventured out into the disgusting heat for their free Iced Coffee.  Not worth it…

Anyway, I’ve added two new features to the blog.  The first is an Index of Restaurants so you can see all the places that have been reviewed.  It’s organized by food type, and I think it will make it easier to find a place to eat than clicking on a category and scrolling through all the postings.  I know it sort of goes against what blogging is all about- but whatever.  If it makes it easier for you… (after all that is what I’m here for)

The second feature I’ve added appears on the bottom of the right hand side bar, and allows you to chat online with me if I’m logged on.  I don’t know why the hell you would ever want to IM with me (as it is I’m surprised so many of you even read this stupid blog)- but it’s a cool new widget, and I’m all about adding meaningless junk to my sidebars.  It’s a beta so I’m sure it won’t work, I’ll get frustrated with it and it will be gone by next week… but for now it’s there if you feel like telling me how amazing I am for creating a place where we can all share in the pain of eating lunch in Midtown.  I had a feeling Meebo would give out on me (of course I wasn’t counting on all the traffic from the piece in Metro this morning!) so I’m shutting it off for the rest of the day.  Feel free to email me at zach@midtownlunch.com or just use the comment fields.  Poor Meebo.  Why Metro, Why???

Check back next week and learn about the hidden Cosi… plus I’ll venture all the way to Koreatown, for the only thing that could get me to go 16 blocks away from my office for lunch… A BUFFET!  Have a nice weekend…

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  • Love your blog! Finally another person who appreciates the art of eating in Manhattan and the fact that there are too many places – but not enough good enough places!.
    Keep on writing.

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